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Batman: Arkham Origins Wraps Up Warm in Cold, Cold Heart

Posted by Sammy Barker

Frosty the cold man

There’s no chance of the Dark Knight getting chilly in Batman: Arkham Origins’ imminent ‘Cold, Cold Heart’ add-on pack. Due out today in North America and tomorrow in Europe, publisher Warner Bros has released the launch trailer for the expansion – and it shows the Caped Crusader donning a decidedly unflattering puffer jacket. Remember those?

Alright, it’s really the protagonist’s XE Suit, which helps to protect him from antagonist Mr. Freeze’s icy firearms. Priced at £7.99/$9.99 – or free for Season Pass subscribers – the pack promises new story content, as well as a fresh ability which will allow the long-eared lead to break through ice barriers, as he attempts to rescue the CEO of GothCorp.

Unlike the title’s previous single player expansion – which cast you as a young Bruce Wayne honing his skills in North Korea – it looks like a lot of work has gone into this add-on. Are you planning to pull out your copy of the PlayStation 3 game in order to experience this extra adventure, or is your attention focused on Batman: Arkham Knight for now? Shine the Bat Signal in the comments section below.


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banacheck said:

I'll be buying this tomorrow despite what people say Origins is not a bad game, it's a straight copy of Rocksteadys Batman gameplay wise, it just does nothing original. Also come October-ish the last Batman game will be releasing Arkham Knight, it'll be interesting to see what Rocksteady does next.



Munkyknuts said:

@banacheck I thought Origins was had some nice dialogue and the story wasn't so bad. I felt like the combat was less responsive than Asylum and City tho.
I still think it was worth playing for anyone who was a fan of the 1st two Arkham games.

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