For a stealth game, Assassin’s Creed: Unity is pretty lousy at keeping itself concealed. Ubisoft’s upcoming next-gen exclusive romp through the French revolution first leaked on NeoGAF, after a user supposedly shared a plane trip with an employee who revealed some details about the game. Kotaku then got its hands on some early screenshots, prompting the publisher to deploy an early trailer. And now, a new video has emerged on YouTube, which has been promptly pulled.

Unfortunately, we can’t find any mirrors of the clip, but a single image has leaked online. On close inspection, this perhaps looks a little more like concept art than a genuine screenshot, but it at least offers a glimpse at the moody 18th century vibe that the developer’s targeting. This will supposedly comprise one of two new entries in the stealthy series this year, with a second release codenamed Comet set to launch on the PlayStation 3. How much Animus enabled action can you handle? Run away in the comments section below.