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You're Not Supposed to Know About This The Order: 1886 Collector's Edition

Posted by Sammy Barker

We smell a rat

It seems that there’s a traitor in the monarchy, as a PlayStation MVP member has broken their oath in order to reveal details about a potential The Order: 1886 collector’s edition. While hardly surprising, images of possible premium statues popped up on NeoGAF overnight, which were used as part of a survey about the next generation game.

We’re not going to host the images here for obvious reasons, but you can view them via the above link if you must. One option shows protagonist Galahad peering over a knee-high wall, which seems fitting considering the title’s rather rote recent gameplay reveal. Personally, we’d prefer the limited edition package to come with a stick-on handlebar moustache. You can have that feedback for free, Sony.


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charlesnarles said:

I can see all the ladies and gents sporting their 'staches for videos. I don't hate the whole run-and-crouch-behind-a-planter-while-avoiding-bullets/enemy-line-of-sight mechanics that took over the industry, but it is kind of annoying to know it won't have super-unique gameplay. MGS5 proves it can still feel new, so I hope this one does it well too



Bad-MuthaAdebisi said:

I never really understand these sort of things when its a brand new franchise. Surely you have to already be a fan with stuff like this.



bbq_boy said:

Hey SimonAdebisi do you troll on all playstation sites and spread negative or lukewarm comments on everything released under the playstation banner? Can you please give these hard working game companies, the developers supporting families and all the hard working ppl a break from your moaning please. If u feel meh about ps gaming why the hell are you on here!



bbq_boy said:

@simonabedisi sorry I shouldn't be angry at you. A few of my mates have lost their jobs at game companies. You don't understand the pressure these guys are under to produce triple AAA blockbusters. And sorry to everyone for swearing. Peace out

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