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Your PS4's Destiny Will Be Fulfilled with a Collector's Edition

Posted by Sammy Barker

Details incoming

You may want to make some room in your overpopulated display cabinet, as Bungie appears to be days away from announcing Destiny’s inevitable collector’s edition. Asked on its official blog whether the upcoming first-person shooter would receive a premium package, a company spokesperson encouraged fans to “ask again next week”. That suggests that the futuristic set will be revealed at some point over the coming days.

As it’s currently unannounced, it’s unclear what the bundle will contain, but a mixture of digital and physical goods seems certain. Seeing as these overpriced souvenirs have become incredibly predictable over the past few years, we assume that you’ll get a statue of one of the game’s characters – though we’d prefer an authentic helmet for every day purposes. Admit it, you want to show up at work dressed like a space marine.

Is there anything in particular that would prompt you to splash out on a steep limited edition set for Activision’s next big thing? Splurge in the comments section below.


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BigDaddyT0101 said:

Depends what the offer, and price. I did splurge and get the titanfall ce, and have the eso ce pre ordered as well, and if the destiny ce is something good, then maybe, probably, i will.



Bad-MuthaAdebisi said:

Globe? The only collectors edition I've ever been tempted by is the upcoming elder scrolls online version, a ton of digital stuff and an awesome demonic statue. Maps/books and your average figurine I have no interest in.



bbq_boy said:

Sweet. This is one game I've been looking forward to since last year's E3 announcement. Luckily it launches on my birthday 9th sept. .. collectors edition gift here I come!! Hope it comes with exclusive figurine and loot chest... like 3ds zelda's. Great faith in budgie ^_^



gbanas92 said:

Halo 2 was my first collector's edition back in the day. I have a soft spot for anything from them! Bungie gets my money, no matter what!

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