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You'll Be Able to Turn the PS4 Controller's Light Bar Off Soon

Posted by Sammy Barker

Turn off the lights

We’ve had lots of fun penning articles about the PlayStation 4 controller’s controversial light bar, but our nerdy entertainment may be coming to an end. Worldwide Studios president Shuhei Yoshida has supposedly told GameTrailers TV host Geoff Keighley that you’ll be able to shut off the DualShock 4’s illuminating surface as part of the platform’s upcoming firmware update.

The toggle makes sense, as the console’s next upgrade seems like it’s been built around consumer feedback. While this bullet point wasn’t explicitly mentioned in the PlayStation Blog post about the impending fix, the platform holder did tease that the download would boast many new improvements in addition to the headline enhanced share functionality and removal of HDCP encryption.

Of course, the only people that won’t be celebrating this news are those that have crafted a cunning little business out of selling light bar dimming decals on eBay. Still, we suppose that every bubble has to burst eventually. Are you elated at this turn of events? Shine a coloured torch in our eyes courtesy of the comments section below.

Update: Shuhei Yoshida has clarified that the light bar can only be dimmed, not turned off entirely.


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Epic said:

YES, Now there's no need to put some black tape on it when I finaly get my hands on one xD



FullbringIchigo said:

while I was never bothered by the light bar (I could never see a reflection in my tv) the fact you can turn it off should mean a better battery life fro the controller and that I am bothered about



Tasuki said:

Honestly I never understood by people's complaints with the light bar I actually think it's kinda of neat and unusual. I never had a problem with it glaring off of my TV and at night it comes in handy when I am playing in the dark room so I dont wake anyone else up.



Munkyknuts said:

Both the shadows cast by the light bar and it's reflection in the TV annoy the hell out of me...this is welcome news. I wouldn't always turn it off but the light has ruined the atmosphere in some games I've played. A nice option to have.



Bad-MuthaAdebisi said:

I bought myself a second dualshock anyways. They're set up to log off after ten minutes if unused and while in use I don't think it has a massive drain compared to the rest of the DS4 functions. A slow dim beacon would work better, a better compromise would be to just give people the option to do as they please with their own hardware and not live in ignorance because it apparently looks cool.



charlesnarles said:

My poor cat always gets blinded when she tries to come get petted while I'm playing. I'll take a dim toggle over nothing



ComicBookGuy said:

Totally not bothered by this. I usually play in the dark and have a quite reflective LED TV, but never had any issues.
Also, since it's an LED light, it uses next to no power and dimming it will shave off like half a watt...



Squiggle55 said:

I definitely had occasions where it bothered me at night. I hope it saves battery time but I guess we'll have to see.



Ginkgo said:

The light bar does not bother me at all, but if turning it off significantly improves battery life, then I would use it. If not, then I will just leave it on.



benrawr said:

I really don't see why everybody lost their **** over it in the first place. It's simply another tool that developers, so far have practically ridiculed it with their hopeless uses (Thanks, Killzone!), are able to use in interesting ways. It's really not that bright, unless you play in the dark, and it simply does not use any battery power. Recharging an LED bulb via the mains is exactly like filling a bath tub with a firehose and draining it by putting a pin hole through the bottom



AD-80 said:

@FullbringIchigo Yeah to be honest that is my only critique for the light bar, is the fact you can see the reflection on the tv. Now if the light bar didn't beam in the front, this issue would not only be bypassed but it would also help the player actually see the changes in the light without having to focus on the bar to see any difference.



AD-80 said:

@benrawr The biggest problem is battery life. The DS3 had 30 hr's of battery life, the DS4 is only around 8 hrs which just means you either charge it after every other use, or play with the cord attached which limits the distance from the PS4.



benrawr said:

@AD-80 I'm aware that the battery life is miserable when compared to the simply ridiculous DS3, but I'm just saying that it's through no fault of a simple LED array. Dimming the lightbar will give no more than 3% battery life, I guarantee it. Most LEDs won't even use a single watt of power



odd69 said:

I like the light bar, i game in the dark, i lose my controller alot.



JohnKarnes said:

i for onw am happy you cant turn it off All that would do is give you 10min more battery time and stop devs from supporting it.

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