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Who Would Win Wednesdays: Morrigan vs. Bayonetta

Posted by Robert Ramsey

Round six

Push Square staff watched in horror during last week's Who Would Win Wednesdays as Wei Shen spin-kicked favourite Kazuma Kiryu right around the chops. As such, we thought that it would be best to step away from the testosterone of sweaty men and put forward a duel between two female characters. As always, we'll provide you with information on each combatant's abilities and background, and then let you duke it out in our poll. Let the bloodbath begin. Again.


One of Dragon Age: Origins' most popular party members, no-nonsense witch Morrigan is an incredibly reliable team mate thanks to her ability to master multiple magical disciplines. From transforming into a giant, flesh-eating spider to manipulating nature and the elements, Morrigan can handle just about any opponent that dares cross her. Not only that, but she grew up in a deadly, rather ugly swamp where she hunted and scared both bandits and travellers just to keep herself amused as a child. While she may not have played a part in the divisive Dragon Age II, it's looking like she'll have an important role in the upcoming Dragon Age: Inquisition – but given her mysterious motives and strong will, whether she'll end up as a friend or a foe is anyone's guess. You'll probably want her as an ally, though.


Making enemies out of angels and non-Nintendo gamers alike, there's no doubt that Bayonetta is a divisive character, but there's little room for hate when she's able to make slaughter look so stylish. Her frankly insane initial adventure saw the Umbra Witch tackle adversaries of all shapes and sizes as she sought to uncover her past. However, unlike most confused and forgetful protagonists, this agile fighter certainly didn't go all moody and melodramatic. Instead, she used four handguns – of which two slot into her shoes – to riddle her enemies with magic-infused bullets. As such, ridiculous combos come naturally to the slender warrior, especially when she's using her own hair as a conduit to summon demons capable of dealing tremendous amounts of damage to all who oppose her.

In this battle of wit and witches, who would seize victory? Would Morrigan's unique fashion sense get under Bayonetta's skin? Vote for your winner in our poll, and tell us how you think the battle would unfold in the comments section below.

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User Comments (15)



InsertNameHere said:

Was expecting Morrigan from Darksiders, but oh well.

Bayonetta has this in the bag, her fighting style is insane and pretty unpredictable. Of course my opinion is biased as I've not played Dragon Age.



sagi said:

I think Morrigan vs Lulu would have made more sense, even though i believe the former to be the latter's rip-off.



Bliquid said:

Bayonetta would win, by a 1k miles.
Against Morrigan Aenslandt, not so sure, but against THIS Morrigan, well...
Bayo would literally stomp her to death.



eliotgballade said:

morgan from darkstalkers would win against bayonetta
but bayonetta would win against dragon age morgan
(inspite of her sounding a bit like an ice-cream/dessert)



RawShark said:

That not Morrigan! That just some emo! This match is false advertising!



Fire-and-Water said:

Morrigan was very, very obnoxious to have around. All she was in my opinion is a failed attempt to make a strong, "sexy" female character. Meanwhile she's straight out of a sweaty nerd's fanfiction. Dragon Age's writing to the fantasy RPG world is what Twilight is to vampire fiction in my opinion. So horrible.

Now, you might think I have a biased opinion here. But Bayonetta literally made me cringe as well. Very similar game. Enjoyable to play, but god-awful characters, pandering sexual themes, less pretentious maybe, but so blunt it made me shudder. The camera work in that game was taken straight out of porn movies. The creators were begging for adult doujin worse than Square Enix with their FF characters.

Both are obnoxiously sexual, posing as strong female characters, meanwhile they represent nothing more than the lowest common denominator's smutty little fantasies.

THE VERDICT: Bayonetta. Because at least the character is honest with what she is. Just kidding. There's no comparison. C'mon guys. A better comparison would be a female character from Final Fantasy or something. While Morrigan is conjuring up a spell Bayonetta would rain bullets from all angles at her and her party. Just the fact that she took on as many foes ALONE, and the huge gap in combat abilities makes Bayonetta win by a mile.



MadchesterManc said:

I thought it might have been that other Morrigan
Gonna have to go with Bayonetta on this one I think



ThreadShadow said:

I've only played demos. I don't care for either series, or character. Yet from what I've seen this is clearly a one-sided battle. I imagine that trouncing giant magical spider creatures is in the same place we often find the camera, right up Bayonetta's alley.

Reminds me of another game I never played. Cavia/Atari made Bullet Witch for 360 back in '06. Obviously unpopular, it died away. Imagine how close they came! I wonder where Platinum got the idea...hmm.
Bullet versus Bayonetta would probably be just as one sided.



ReigningSemtex said:

Can't say I have ever played dragon age so bayonetta wins. If it was morrigan from darkstalkers (which would actually make more sense) then morrigan would win.



NicolaHayden said:

I must be one of the only people who accept Morrigan in this match-up, but vote lies with Bayonetta. My Morrigan was unloved and unleveled though am happy to see her finally back for 3.

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