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Weirdness: Did You Spot inFAMOUS: Second Son's Ringtone Easter Egg?

Posted by Sammy Barker

Thieves in time

PlayStation 4 exclusive inFAMOUS: Second Son is bursting with Easter eggs, including a replica of The Legend of Zelda’s mighty Master Sword. However, while the hallowed Hyrulian rapier is reasonably well hidden, one of the game's more upfront references occurs every time that protagonist Delsin Rowe’s phone rings. You see, that cheesy tune isn’t just incredibly irritating – it’s also the backing track from Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time’s theme song.

And thanks to the hard work of one Reddit user, you’ll be able to equip your own smartphone with the beyond irritating audio loop. You can find all of the files that you'll need through here. While you’re busy downloading them, see if you can pick out the sound sample from the Seattleite's cell in the embedded video below. Urgh, we’re never going to get that twee little jingle out of our heads now, are we?


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darkhairwarrior said:

I didn't find it irritating at all. In fact, I loved it being his ringtone since he IS a Sly fan (he's even got the pin).



Bad-MuthaAdebisi said:

I don't get why though we see him playing an android game rather than a vita when he's waiting for that bus.



thedevilsjester said:

@SimonAdebisi I think its a different mentality. A lot of people I know thought Sonys last handheld, the PSP did poorly (it actually sold over 80 million) because they never saw anyone playing one. I think this is because Playstation fans in general do not get portables because they want an "on the go" device, its because they want a personal device that they can play on the couch without using the TV.



sajoey said:

Why does no one eve talk about the super obvious Pulp Fiction reference in this game? Or the Cooper & MacGrath bank?



Jaz007 said:

I love this Easter egg. I burst out laughing when I heard it. I also love the Sly Cooper graffiti around the city.

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