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Weirdness: Dark Souls II Goes Retro in 80s Style Tribute

Posted by Nicola Hayden

Rise from the dead

Some fan tributes are truly inspired, but we're not sure what invoked this blast from the past. The fiendishly difficult Dark Souls II has received an 80s action makeover with a cheesy trailer to boot. Our undead hero follows in the footsteps of former action icons like Rambo, as he battles against the hordes of evil.

With bulletproof pecs and low-end pyrotechnics, you'll become a one-man slaying machine on your quest for vengeance. But while the reality is a far stretch from this video, it would be cool to see another title given a Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon-esque revamp. Would you love to see Dark Souls II get a rework, or is this one decade that deserves to remain in the past? Relive your nostalgia in the comments section below.


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Chronobreak said:

If it has anything to do like Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon via 80's theme I would get this in a heartbeat.



Volmun said:

Lol thats prity cool defntly makes me think of Blood Dragon.

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