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Video: Watch As We Recap February's Best PlayStation Games

Posted by Ben Potter

Ready, teddy, go

Games, games, games. We may be staring headfirst into the abyss known as 'Marchmageddon', but there was still plenty to keep your DualShock controllers busy in February. Following on from yesterday’s delightful Game of the Month recap, we’re back with a video roundup for your eyes and ears to enjoy. If you like this, then you should really subscribe to our YouTube channel – there’s some brilliant stuff on there, too.

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Ginkgo said:

Great video as always! Really wanting to play Danganronpam but waiting for the price to come down a little. $55 over here.



Heiki said:

I laughed my lungs out with this video, specially the "it's definitely not Persona 4" part

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