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Video: Dark Souls II - A Gentleman's Guide to Co-Operative Etiquette

Posted by Ben Potter

For immediate release

London, England – The Push Square Corporation, an upstanding broadcaster based in London, England, has today announced its latest programme: ‘A Gentleman’s Guide to Co-Operative Etiquette’. This entertaining and informative media aims to provide viewers with a crash course on the required level of decorum expected in From Software’s bleak fantasy sequel Dark Souls II. A sample of the full video presentation can be watched for the nominal cost of a YouTube subscription below.

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get2sammyb said:

This is hilarious, Ben. I'm not even a fan of Dark Souls, but could appreciate this — especially the running in circles bit.



Splat said:

If he could see you through the fog he would be pretty bloody scared.



Bliquid said:

Great video.
I'm amazed by the fact that i cooperated, both summoned and summoning, plenty of times now, and i still have to find someone who didn't bow or make a nice gesture.
Dark Souls 2 brings the best out of people!
...or just doesn't allow them to be excessively rude.
Even invaders bow, sometimes, and that's cool.



ShogunRok said:

@Bliquid Maybe they're forced to be friendly through fear? If people are scared they usually band together, and Dark Souls II surely scares many of its players.



Bliquid said:

@ShogunRok : indeed, i'll admit that i'm starting to feel physically drained by this game, so having back up feels a relief IRL.
I am genuinely scared to face Pharros Gates, atm.



Swiket said:

Never lay down a summon sign if you don't know the area or how to kill the boss. The boss is buffed in co-op, so if you die you're leaving the host with an even tougher boss to deal with.



Heiki said:

Man, your videos are awesome!
I haven't played Dark Souls yet, but I guess the first game is cheap enough right now.



GraveLordXD said:

@Bliquid seriously I got invaded by two people thinking in my head wow this isn't good at all the first guy bum rushed me as the second player just waited his turn after kicking the first guys *** he ran over to his buddy for help and he still didn't step in he waited till I beat him then bowed to me and started to fight even stopped after I backed into a pretty big enemy and had waited for me to kill it then heal and began to fight again. I thought that was the coolest thing and I escaped death about 3 times by the skin of my teeth during this fight with all this happening he beat me though we were both down to nothing he was a little faster lol

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