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This Killzone Movie Is Probably an Early April Fools' Day Prank

Posted by Sammy Barker

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Out of all of Sony’s first-party franchises, Killzone is probably the least deserving of a big screen adaptation. There’s some immense fiction powering the property, but this is often substituted for one dimensional leads like Rico, who’d rather scream expletives than say anything of worth. As such, we’re pretty sure that Guerrilla Games’ upcoming A Helghastly Adventure is just a big joke.

That’s evidenced by the intentional spelling errors in the Dutch developer’s blog post about the flick, in which it explains that ‘Tim Burtun’ will be directing the picture. ‘Johnny Dep’ will assume the role of Ghoran, an insurgent who must help Killzone: Shadow Fall protagonist Kellan to prevent war against the Helghast. ‘Helena Bonam Carter’ will play Halla, the main character’s “rogue Vektan accomplice”.

“It has been difficult keeping this under wraps,” said game director Steven ter Heide. “It has been so exciting, from casting the amazing puppeteering talent to seeing the first animated frames. Bringing the Helghast to the big screen is a momentous occasion for us.” Unsurprisingly, the film’s first trailer will be made available on the 1st April. We’re actually eager to see how far the firm’s gone with this – the faux movie poster is actually pretty neat.



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goonow said:

I love killzone and tim burton films! Can't wait.... Not kidding... seriously... No joke...




No, please make this an April fool.

Tim Burton + licensed properties = awful, awful films.



InsertNameHere said:

I think Killzone deserves a movie, or at least an animated series. And Rico is still 500x more useful than Yamcha.



Azikira said:

I hope at the very least, if it IS a prank, that they at least give us a silly film short.

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