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Talking Point: Are We Starting to Expect Too Much from PlayStation Plus?

Posted by Sammy Barker

More, more, more

You can have too much of a good thing. Way back in 2010 when PlayStation Plus first launched, this editor greedily gobbled up the single free PlayStation Mini that was given away as part of the premium service every month. It was a real novelty when you got a full game – a selection of SEGA Mega Drive ports fleshed out the subscription’s first year – as the idea of giving away complete titles was unheard of at the time. As the platform evolved, so too did its offerings, with the likes of Burnout Paradise and Shift 2: Unleashed included in the complimentary roster. However, it wasn’t until the unveiling of the Instant Game Collection in 2012 that the format really started to catch people’s attention.

The promise of a rotating selection of 12 critically acclaimed titles lured many into the service, with the likes of inFAMOUS 2, Darksiders, and Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine providing the initial bait. There were still some debates over whether you actually owned these games – allowing your subscription to lapse meant that you’d lose access to any content until you stumped up for a new one – but gradually the platform holder started to win the sceptics over by expanding support for the PlayStation Vita and PlayStation 4. Even more impressively, despite the increase in content, the cost remained the same.

However, we’re beginning to ponder whether the platform holder’s set consumer expectations too high. The service is now more or less mandatory if you own the manufacturer’s next-gen system, so the circumstances have certainly changed – but there appears to be an ugly sense of entitlement surrounding the premium platform these days. Granted, the number of PS3 giveaways has decreased in order to compensate for the addition of a new system, but not even the strongest refresh can quench the insatiable thirst for free software these days. Indeed, even with the addition of blockbusters such as Metro: Last Light, BioShock Infinite, and Tomb Raider, the quality of the complimentary content has supposedly “nosedived” in 2014.

Perhaps part of the problem is that consumer interest has moved away from Sony’s ageing appliance, and started to focus more on its next-gen machine. Since the system’s launch last year, the Instant Game Collection has already seen the addition of Contrast, Resogun, Don’t Starve, Outlast, and Dead Nation: Apocalypse Edition – but for many people, these titles are not enough. As predominantly smaller digital downloads, it could be that the PS3 lineup has trained subscribers into expecting big retail releases – but is it really feasible to expect Killzone: Shadow Fall to be given away so soon after launch? Regardless of whether it’s realistic or not, this appears to be the expectation across the web.

While it hasn’t been officially confirmed yet, it’s looking increasingly likely that side-scrolling shoot-‘em-up Mercenary Kings will be April’s free game for the PS4. However, despite coming from the team behind the excellent Scott Pilgrim vs. The World, the reaction to this rumour has been rather negative around the ‘net. The quality of the title itself appears to be irrelevant, as the throngs of pundits posting their opinions on blog comments and forum threads seem to only care for the fact that it’s a pixel art affair without a boxed product budget.

Of course, it’s totally fair if the title doesn’t appeal to you. The pitfall of PlayStation Plus has always been that you never know exactly what you’re going to get, and whether you may already own it – it’s always been a bit of a lucky dip. Sony’s managed to eradicate the latter by giving away a lot of these titles on launch day – a practice which is beyond baffling when you stop to actually comprehend it – but on the PS4 at least, these giveaways don’t appear to be satiating the most outspoken subscriber. In writing this article, we stumbled across at least three earnest messages from users complaining that inFAMOUS: Second Son hasn’t been added to the Instant Game Collection yet. Expectations are out of control.

The platform holder was always going to invite this kind of criticism when it forced people to own the service to play online, but it still seems a little out of touch as far as we’re concerned. We suppose that promising a trimming down version of DriveClub for launch didn’t exactly help to temper expectations, but we still think it’s important to compare PlayStation Plus to the competition. Xbox Live users, for example, have been paying more for over a decade now in order to simply access Microsoft’s servers, and have only just started to receive some free titles to compensate their expense. And what does this month’s Games with Gold lineup entail? The ancient Civilization Revolution and digital download Dungeon Defenders.

We don’t take issue with consumers demanding bang for their buck – you should absolutely expect to get your money’s worth every month. The thing is, you don’t need to be a public relations mouthpiece to point out that PlayStation Plus has arguably been over delivering on value since its inception way back in 2010 – and it’s improved dramatically since then. If you’re not happy with a particular selection of titles, then you should voice that opinion – after all, feedback is pivotal to the success of any service. However, it’s also important to keep your expectations in check. Just because the latest blockbuster hasn’t been made available for free for your brand new console yet, doesn’t mean that the quality of the service has deteriorated – it just means that you’re being unrealistic.

Are you one of those people disappointed with the quality of PlayStation Plus’ recent offerings, or do you simply shake your head at some of the service’s more outspoken subscribers? Shout at us in the comments section below.

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User Comments (61)



MadchesterManc said:

I'm more than happy with the service myself. I've got a huge backlog if games for the Ps3 & Vita to play and all I've had do for that is keep paying £39.99 a year. For the price of a single game I get over a dozen, that's how I view it anyway. I think people need to temper their expectations tho with the Ps4 in particular. All this crying lately for some kind of AAA Ps4 release is laughable for a system that's not even been.on the market 6 months. The only reason we've had great offerings on Ps3 this past year is due to the huge library the system has. At least let the Ps4 grow a library before whining & enjoy the surprisingly good offerings weve had from the indie sector so far on the service



ferrers405 said:

I'm very satisfied i have so many games that i just installed and played for like one hour and never got back because others games (that i payed and was expecting) came, so i don't know why people complain about instant collection, on the other hand the discounts are very scarce today and it's bothering me a little.



CThrash13 said:

This world is full of greed, and that won't get any better anytime soon. People are always going to want more and/or better, but the fact they give anything at all is pretty cool. I just became a PS+ member for the first time after getting a PS4, and the PS+ deal is one of the main reasons I went with Sony over Microsoft. I wish I would've gotten my subscription last month to get Outlast for free, but that's my fault. The PS+ titles probably won't always interest me, but it's still a great deal. I'm more than happy with it so far.



Splat said:

I only have a PS3 and feel I'm getting a great deal with PS+. I don't see how anyone with a PS3,PS4 and Vita could be unhappy? People that expect inFAMOUS: Second Son to all ready be on PS+ are being ridiculous.



Vorlon said:

I've always thought PS+ is ridiculously cheap (Day One subscriber). Only problem is I buy less games than before.



Heiki said:

I don't like the idea of renting games with PS Plus, so count me out, I'm canceling my subscription this year.
I'd rather own a game that I really want to play. And I can play it for years to come. No need to keep paying Sony just to be able to do something that should be taken for granted.

Besides, most games on Plus are cheap enough if you want to get a physical copy. Oh, and I don't care about indies.



Cyrso said:

In my opinion it's truly unrivaled in terms of value.

I'm a subscriber only for 4 months or something and I was already very happy with all the games I got after just two months. So, yes I'm satisfied, the amount of quality games you get for just €50 is staggering, I think people are getting spoiled.

I don't get how anyone couldn't be satisfied, even if you would only own a PS4. If the competition had a similar service offering better value, sure then I would understand, but as it stands Playstation Plus is unrivaled, especially if we're only talking about consoles, so really there's nothing to complain imo.



KAPADO said:

We sure are expecting too much. I just took a break from my ps4 to play Devil may cry oh Lord that's a good game. Ninja theory is just cursed with manning good games that don't sell our do it too slow for the industry. PS Plus is the best deal In gamin...g if you have a brain and can form your own opinions. Period.



Bliquid said:

I bought 3 cartridges and 4 digital games for my much beloved and played on Vita in almost a year and a half.
Am i happy with my PS Plus subscription?
A loud yeah.
By time i'll purchase a PS4 i'll have plenty of titles to play on it without shedding another cent.
Is it awesome?
It is.
I was able to try and enjoy a pletora of games on my PS3, not to mention games i was going to buy anyway, for free.
Or heavily discounted.
Is all this worth 50 € per year?
Nah, i'd rather pay more just to play online and for second hand lame-ish games.
Give me back my money, Sony!



ShogunRok said:

Even when we're getting indie games, the value for money is unparalleled. It's been said before, but Xbox Live Gold is a joke in comparison. Plus remains one of the reasons behind Sony's revival over the last few years, culminating with the launch of PS4.

Unless the quality of the games we're getting takes a drastic drop, I can't see Plus never not being a good thing.



Remixora said:

I'm totally satisfied with my Playstation Plus membership. I had PS3 ever seance it came out and was never a member. When i got my PS4 i decided i would join and i have not been dice pointed. Good job Sony!



MinerWilly said:

Spot on Madchester , Your last paragraph is the truth. In 6 months from now or perhaps less we will im sure get boxed releases . People need more patience . I didn't join PS+ until about a year and a half in on ps3 for same reasons ,glad I still have my ps3 for stuff like last months Tomb Raider on PS+.



Ziggy73701 said:

I have been with PS+ since day one and have a vast array of Minis, Sega games and themes to show for it. For me it's a fantastic service, year on year providing a huge range of games I wouldn't normally consider let alone play. Not only have I got a huge backlog I can barely get through, I have broadened the range of games I play and as such get a greater experience from my consoles.
I have a PS3, Vita and PS4.... As such I can't say anything negative about value. Long may PS+ live...
As for those complaining... Be glad you weren't there at the start... When we eagerly awaited out PS one classic!



ToOGoodOfAPlaya said:

Expecting the latest release to be free is absurd.
But what about those that only have a PS4 and don't play CoD or BF etc online?

They may only play F2P titles or sub based titles, such as TESO, but pay for a subscription that allows Sony to make back losses on free titles given to those who have it.

Value for money is subjective.
If you pay for a year and get one indie title that you enjoy which would normally cost substantially less, and know you will not play the others offered or have played them prior to them becoming free and did not care for them, that may not be considered value for money.
The same can be said if this was reversed.

In 6 months I'm sure there will be boxed releases on there, or even the streaming service for older games, which I would take over things such as Mercenary Kings any day.



Weskerb said:

Like a few others here, I have been subscribed to PS Plus since they were giving away a PSN game, a mini, a crappy theme, a PSone classic no one wanted and a piece of DLC for a game I'll never own. And that was only for PS3! The service has come a long way since then and it is definitely worth it to me.

On the other hand I can see why people are complaining, once you're given something you like, you want it again and again. That's not always going to happen, in fact the quality of games offered might fall, it really depends on whether the publishers actually felt the benefits of releasing their games on Plus on not. I suspect that they didn't lead to as many follow on sales as they were hoping for, in some cases, so we might not see the likes of AC and Saints Row on there again.



gr8apeb8 said:

I think PS+ is an amazing deal for its price. Although I preferred it when it was not needed to access all the functions of a game (a small gripe not even a problem more of a preference).
The biggest problem is the lack of content, many of these indie games are truly well made games, unfortunately they aren't for everyone. I'm not big into indie games, but each month I download the free title even if I have no interest at all. Most times I enjoy them for a few days but get bored so I delete them. But there are a few that have surprised me so I kept them.
What it boils down to is "it's what you make of it". In a few months the PS4 should have a more established library which will ease the unreasonable expectations of the PS+ service. As for indies, give em a shot, it takes nothing but a few button presses to put them behind you. (on a side note most indies are released in better shape then BF4)



ComicBookGuy said:

Owning a PS3, 4 and a Vita, I almost feel guilty and humbled at the monthly onslaught of games for each of my platform. I can see how total newcomers to Sony's platform who may only own the PS4 feel annoyed, but these people can do one as far as I'm concerned. Can't expect multi million selling AAA games being free 2 weeks after release, seriously. Just be patient and by end of the year, I'm sure Killzone or Thief or something will be free... On PS3 I recall some games were less than 6 months old, so be patient, play some Indies, and stfu!



adf86 said:

Another problem that's partly attached to people complaining about Plus (especially PS4) is this growing & vocal lot that dismiss indie titles out of hand almost like there not worthy of being on a console. If your only interested in AAA games then fine but let's remember the Crysis franchise, it's been considered one of the most gorgeous games of all time but it's gameplay was unspectacular & run of the mill. Then look at Hotline Miami, for me it's one the greatest designed games ever, it's an absolute masterpiece from it's level design, graphics & music. If we want this industry to continue to grow & advance then more of us need to start trying new things, whether it's a different genre or a retro like indie title. It's like the film industry, for every Avengers there needs to be a 12 years a slave.



Squiggle55 said:

"Entitlement" is the key word here. The complaining started after the IGC was unveiled, a move that without question increased the value of PS+. But you started to see lots more complaints because 1)kids didn't pay for it and don't understand value. 2)people didn't understand (and apparently some still don't understand) how the IGC works or why it exists. "What? Why didn't we get another 12 free games this month?" or my favorite "If you remove a AAA game from the IGC, you have to replace it with one". You don't lose games when they're taken off the IGC, that only affects new subscribers. Stop thinking that way.

The only thing PS+ needs to improve is how they handle the situation of people already owning the games. People should NOT get less value for being more loyal customers. That seems like a no-brainer. They can easily see who already owns the game. Toss them a bone. I dunno what. Figure it out.



jayclayx said:

yeah, I don't have a ps3 but I have a vita and ps4 and for my vita I am more than satisfied, however for my ps4 it is understandable that there is no real cool games out yet because the console is too young, from the instant collection for my ps4 I am only impressed by outlast but sadly the game is just too scary for me since I live alone ... lol



CanisWolfred said:

I cancelled, but only because I can't afford the subscription when I don't get to permanantly own the free games. I mostly got into it for sales, but now I own most of the games I want. I'll wait another year before I get back into it.



jmburks said:

I think playstation plus is a huge bargain especialy if you own a vita. The deals are good on the ps4 too but there is just not very many games out yet and the ones that are out are still to new to be given away for free. For the Vita though i love it! i have a huge backlog of games to play on the vita and it's because they give away so many quality titles and often times the ones that arent free are discounted. I have yet to pay full price for a vita game to date and i have owned one for about 7 months now.



Gamer83 said:

If you're asking for something like Killzone: Shadow Fall or especially inFamous: Second Son already, I'd say yes, expectations are too high on the PS4 side of things. Sony has provided some of the top indie games free from day one for Plus members so I'd say it's off to a good start. On the PS3 and PS Vita side, I think Sony's done a great job providing content. I don't know really what more people could want. It's not even the IGC that's a big deal though, it's the sales, some of the deals you get as a Plus member are fantastic.



banacheck said:

Sony gets carp for giving away games with there online subscription, but know one ever says anything about XboxOne subscription. You'll lose features that your paying for depending where you fall on there new reputation system, apps are behind a pay wall that you pay to use and there no game's every month. It seems people only moan when your doing something right.



BigDaddyT0101 said:

I think anyone with a ps4 expecting second son on ps+ within even the 8months is crazy. For aaa big budget titles i see driveclub, followed a month or 2 after by thief, then 2 months later nfs rivals. I think once the catalog is more fleshed out we will see ps+ move from what we see now on ps3, to a 1 aaa title every other month, with indies providing the filler between months. Even at the rate its going, with no aaa titles on ps4, ps+ is still worth its weight in gold, and will continue to be so. Remember folks, your paying what you pay for xbox live, and getting in the least a new indie game every month, as opposed to 4-6 year old aaa titles on 360. Appreciate what you have, because sony has every right to pull the service out from under us.



Ridwaano said:

Well Playstation plus is pretty much Best thing there ever happen for gaming !



Gamer83 said:


It's because the Xbox fanbase is conditioned to paying for XBL, they've been doing it since the start of the service and most of them are satisfied with what they've been given. I don't know how much of an Xbox fan you are, I like the brand and during the time the 360 was my primary console I frequented Major Nelson's blog for updates, sales, etc. and trust me, people voice plenty of complaints, sadly hardly any ever got answered (not that I really think the guy could do much anyway, he's just a mouthpiece for his bosses). Also, those with a problem with something are more likely to voice it than those who don't. I like the Plus service, I take advantage of what it offers and can't really think of anything Sony can do better so I don't comment on the PS blog, on twitter accounts of Sony employees, it wouldn't make sense. Sony has spoiled us with the Plus service, there's no question about that and it's one thing the company does very well. Unfortunately, some who are used to getting their free games want more right away even where it doesn't make any sense, and so those people, who are probably a minority, will say something about it. And if some of the demands seem a bit high now, wait until what happens after Sony offers even just a sampling of DriveClub for free.



ToOGoodOfAPlaya said:

@BigDaddyT0101 It's value is completely subjective.
I disagree it's "worth it's weight in gold".
I would not even bother with it were it not for Battlefield 4.

As, in my opinion were I to stop wanting to play online at all, it would be completely pointless for me, as there is little incentive.

Now, I agree that expecting the latest and greatest releases on launch is ridiculous, but what about re-releases such as Injustice or Tomb Raider? Or maybe even something like Strider?



Tony_342 said:

I just recently activated the free month trial with the code that came with my PS4, so I've been enjoying Resogun, Dead Nation, Thomas Was Alone, and Lone Survivor. The only one of those I would have been interested in buying is Resogun, but it's nice to have something to play that I otherwise wouldn't have tried.

I've been considering getting a subscription. I'm hesitant to do so, though, because my Internet service is pretty slow, and it takes me forever to download the larger games. For example, it took me roughly 50 hours to download The Last of Us: Left Behind (which was around 5GB). So, I actually prefer to get the smaller, PSN exclusive games as opposed to the full retail titles.

I also don't like the possibility that the free game of the month could be a game that you already own. There should be some way of getting around that. Perhaps, if someone has already bought whatever game is being given away for free that month, they could put $10 in your PSN Wallet instead, or something like that.

I never play online multiplayer, so that's not a factor for me. I'm not entirely convinced that I wouldn't be better off just buying the games I want at normal price and forgetting about the subscription service. Still, there's no arguing that considering the value of the games they give away for free combined with all the discounts that are available to you, it's a darn good deal for only $50 a year.

If my Internet service was significantly faster, I wouldn't even have to think about it. I would have signed up a long time ago.



Demi_God said:

All of this is only going to get better in the future. I've been very happy with Playstation plus.



rastamadeus said:

The worry is that now we HAVE to have PS Plus on our PS4s that Sony will have no desire or motivation to keep enticing you to give them money every year. The AAA quality of the service has already started to become AA (so to speak, thanks to the loss of certain aspects) and the quality will further decrease. In a few years time when PS4 is the dominate Sony platform we may well get a free indie every other month which will cost no more than a bottle of coke without Plus. Hopefully not but it honestly wouldn't surprise me.

Sadly you'll always have morons who expect Game X should be included because they don't want to buy it and want it now. No retail PS4 game will be on Plus until the autumn at the earliest and even then it'll just be sodding Knack. I saw someone on another asking when Dark Souls II would be on Plus and just felt like finding him in real life and tutting loudly at him.

As someone with all three systems I'm still happy with the service. Admittedly this year it has been very quiet as I've owned/already owned or have no interest in the majority of the games and have only downloaded the PS4 offerings so I actually have something to play on the machine but I know the next four months could change to me getting every game, such is the way of life. If you just own one machine though it's a bit iffy, PS4 it's a tiny extra bit of sweetness at the moment, PS3 is still more or less quality every month but Vita-only it could soon become almost laughable (being hardly any great games left).

If you visit the official blogs or other sites then you'll soon realise the unhappiness around Plus in Europe isn't actually because of the quality but the quantity. Sony have lied to us and refuse to be held accountable. We were told PS4 would not harm Plus in any way, thirteen times a year we would always get three PS3 games, the two year long Vita ICG titles would be changed in November, Vita would never have PSP games, blah blah blah. Thing is they've gone back on it all and not bothered to say why, only actually admitting there would be two PS3 games a month (America keeps three though), twelve updates a year (one less than America) and the Vita IGC titles not changing after weeks/months of people complaining. Us having to pay more than Americans do and getting much less is also a massive annoyance to people (a lot of people on the blog that are complaining are doing so as they stocked up on Plus memberships when they were on sale after being assured there would be no change to the service so are now quite rightly furious). Plus isn't the problem, Sony Europe are. It's an exciting time for PlayStation with the PS4 going to hit full stride by the end of the year, the VR thing (not interested myself, mind) and a lot of quality games inbound so it's just a massive own goal for Sony Europe to pick this time to start being the bunch of clueless asshats they used to be. (that's just a summary of bits from the blogs, not necessarily all my own feelings/thoughts)



fortius54 said:

I unfortunately found myself as one of these blood thirsty gamers that would be disappointed if I didn't like the choice. That is until I went back over my collection. If I look at what I have paid for the service compared to what I have received in return, there is no question Sony has gone above and beyond what I originally expected.



AD-80 said:

Seriously?! PS Plus is the best thing that's ever happened to the console world of gaming. The subscription is beyond worth it when you get 1 free game that costs more than $50, let alone all the games you can continue to just add to your account (not even install the game, just add to your psn. Then on a day your really bored,install it, give it a go, then delete) /End Rant



AD-80 said:

@rastamadeus With the amount of free games on the PS4 alone you should honestly take a step back and actually realize just how much we get for free now that we have to have PS Plus to game online. Outlast and Resogun are completely solid titles considering the depth of the PS4 library so far. If you're not happy with PS Plus, then most likely you will never be happy with it. RIP your faith in PS Plus.



rastamadeus said:

@AD-80 I wrote why I think the service is being bad mouthed at the moment, that I'm more than happy with Plus and then why people are complaining on the official blog. Maybe if you'd bothered to actually read what my comment said you'd have seen that.



Donald_M said:

The worst, most childish and entitled gamers are always the most outspoken. Most PS+ subscibers are, if not completely happy about the service, at least not unhappy enough to complain. Not every PS+ offer on PS4 has appealed to me, but it seems ridiculous to complain.



Dodoo said:

I never expect too much, that way I'm rarely disappointed.

There are certain games I would like be added to PS+ that I don't necessarily want to pay for but other than that I am more than happy with the service, especially considering it is better value now than ever (if you have PS3, PS4 & Vita).

Well done Sony!



Carl-G said:

90% happy, now?(on that pole) COOL because normally gamers moan like little old grannies



Stealth_sneak said:

Way too many people are complaining about free games. Everyone is so greedy at this point it's getting annoying. I don't care for mercenary kings for April and I won't play it but I understand that I won't like every free PS+ game....then again I have all 3 consoles so I have options.



bbq_boy said:

Ps+ is one of the best ideas ever and one that has humbled me. I'm on a tight budget so for £39.99 a year or £3.33 a month I get to play at least 2 free ps3 and 2 ps3 games!! That's about 83p per game for triple AAA or 80% scored and above. When I get to buy the ps4 it'll be like 55p per game. It's an unbelievable bargain and I love it. Some vita games take too much on my memory stick tho, but after playing them I'm happy to buy it again as physical.



rjejr said:

I had PS+ the first 2 years then took off 2013 b/c there just wasn't much that interested me as a PS3 owner - seemed like too much of the focus was on Vita. Then near the middle/end of 2013 we got all those games mentioned in the article and I was happy to renew. BF $30 sale made it a no brainer, I've gotten 4 or 5 games $30 each the past few months.

If I were a PS4 owner only, and I had to pay $50 for online, and I saw all those games Ps3 and Vita were getting, it would probably annoy me as well, but that's what happens when you are an early adopter, you pay the early adopter penalty, in this case a limited supply of PS+ games.

Sony did bring some of this on themselves by stating Driveclub would be free w/ PS+ on PS4. I don't think they ever adequately made up for the lack of a game of that caliber. I know the consensus here is that Resogun is better but I can see how some people wouldnt think so.



Longaway said:

I've been a Plus subscriber for a few years now, and have been very happy with it. While I think there is some room for improvement, if it was kept as is, I would have no problem.

That said, I understand the frustration on the PS4 side of things. Plus for PS4 was supposed to launch with a AAA game, Drive Club (albeit a cut down version), and did not. And, while the PS3 and Vita get multiple games a month, the new toy on the block gets one. If you don't like that game/genre/what have you, you're simply out of luck for the month, on the PS4.

Even though it's really unreasonable to expect a game like Infamous: Second Son to drop on Plus at release, wanting more from Plus for the PS4 isn't entirely unreasonable.

I'm surprised that Sony hasn't attempted to bring over more PS3 PSN games to the PS4, exactly to mollify PS4 Plus subscribers. Since the PS4's architecture is so PC like, I wouldn't think it would be a massive undertaking to rework a PC release of a PSN game into PS4 compatibility. Not necessarily AAA, but sometimes quantity trumps quality.



Gemuarto said:

I like PS+ on PS4. It is great. I don't play games they give for ps3 and psv. Don't care about that outdated crap =). And still think that PS+ is great. The only game I didn't like so far was Don't Starve. I really like indies and for me, PS4 offerings are better than psv and ps3.



mr-blobby said:

My back catalogue of ps plus games will keep me busy till the BIG GAMES are free on PS4. I'm very happy with plus.



gbanas92 said:

I've loved the work with the instant game collection! Even the ones I already had when they came out like Thomas Was Alone, Metro: Last Light, and Bioshock: Infinite got me excited simply because my friends with PlayStation's would get to experience those now! And when comparing it to the Xbox offerings? It's not even a competition!



mulder00 said:

I think it is an amazing deal and I look forward eagerly (greedily) at the end of every month to see what the next month brings.

The only problem (And that is my own) is that both my Vita and PS3 hdd's are full.

Would be nice to have sane prices for Vita memory cards.



ReigningSemtex said:

I'm incredibly happy with my Ps plus subscription and have been recommending it to everyone I know. I thought that once the ps4 had mandatory Ps plus needed for online play that the content would become less and less but so far Sony continue to really impress me. If you happened to own ps3, ps4 and Ps vita then really Ps plus is a no brainer



AD-80 said:

@rastamadeus "The AAA quality of the service has already started to become AA (so to speak, thanks to the loss of certain aspects) and the quality will further decrease. In a few years time when PS4 is the dominate Sony platform we may well get a free indie every other month which will cost no more than a bottle of coke without Plus. Hopefully not but it honestly wouldn't surprise me."

My text was based off your 1st paragraph. So my comment still stands [sure, take away the Resogun comment] but Outlast?? How can you expect the PS4 to be giving out all their AAA titles as PS Plus gaves when there are barely AAA titles to begin with? Driveclub got pushed back, deal with it bro. Maybe if you were less greedy and actually thankful you get free games to begin with, last time I checked, Sony is writing a new chapter in bringing games to the masses. The deals are almost better than Steam sometimes considering now they come as a convienence instead of paying for a super discounted price. Your logic for slowing down in giving us free games for the PS4 (which just came out about 5 months ago) shouldn't even be an issue until we're 1-2 years into the console lifecycle. Then you will at least have more evidence to attempt proving your shaky point.



Mahe said:

PS Plus definitely hasn't been "overdelivering" on value - I've cancelled the subscription on several occasions simply due to the sub-par game selection. Sometimes there are good games, but then there are months when the subscription really doesn't feel like worth its price. April looks to be one of those months.



Gemuarto said:

Plus is good even if you have only one console. But eventually Sony will add big games for PS4 and that will be great. But I think they must keep Infamous out of plus, it is really good game and people must buy it =). I wish SP make more badass games like that=)



ToOGoodOfAPlaya said:

It's easy to say it's worth it when you are getting all this cool free stuff on the PS3 and Vita.
But if you only have a PS4, thus far it has been a gigantic let down.
The value is, and always will be subjective, as I've said before.

So far, most of what I have seen is this massive drive to get indies into the foray, great, but there seems to be this urge to port or rerelease.
Dead Nation - Re-release, Don't Starve - PC port, Outlast - PC port, Contrast - Last gen as well as current, so the only one of these that has been specifically developed for the PS4 was Resogun.

Be nice to see some high end dev stuff ONLY for the PS4.



Shellybird27 said:

Like i've said numerous times(well on other sites), Gamers are bunch of selfish, ungrateful douchebags. They make me ashamed of my hobby.(not really anyone here, except for a select few).



Reverandjames said:

I'm overall satisfied with PS plus having subscribed for just over a year, and I've go to experience games that I wouldn't have originally tried. Having said that, I do feel that PS4 has had a poor offering so far. Indie games are not a great way to entice new PS4 owners who have jumped ship from Microsoft.

And I think that people are being a bit harsh when calling anyone who feels that they are not satisfied with the service 'greedy' or 'selfish', people tend to forget that this service isn't free. You have to pay, and even then, you don't own the games, and you never will. I think PS plus is great! but I think that the asking price should warrant the content every month and be of the same quality across all consoles consistently.



-CraZed- said:

PS+ is the best value in gaming today. SO far I haven't heard or seen many complaints on the web after the PS4 launched and if I did I'd be sure to remind them of how unheard of this type of program is in the industry.
If you own all three of Sony's hardware offerings then you should have a cornucopia of software to keep you busy throughout the entire year!
If you only own one or two you would still have plenty to do on it outside the games you already purchased.
Can't wait to get my new Vita at the end of the month then I will have such a huge backlog of games to play I just know I won't have the time. All thanks to PS+!

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