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Sorry, You Won't be Getting an InFAMOUS: Second Son Demo on PS4

Posted by Robert Ramsey

No smoke without fire

Better put those neon glow sticks down, because you won't be partying with an InFAMOUS: Second Son demo any time soon. With the game set to release in just a couple of weeks, brand development director Ken Schramm has told that there are no plans for a bite-sized trial of the super powered sequel.

"It's hard to have a demo with an open world game to be honest with you," Schramm stated to the the publication, despite the fact that the game's older PlayStation 3 brothers both received their own demos. "You what, pick two missions out of the whole thing then you give them a little slice of the world, you gotta make all these walls? I don't think [having a demo] does justice to an open-world game," he explained. Has this change of heart put you off Delsin's adventure, or have you already pre-ordered? Tag us in the comments section below.


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Jaz007 said:

@FullbringIchigo Yeah, I'm disappointed with that. They could have at least had the hour trial for all the games if you have Plus like with a lot of PS3 games. I also think it's about time when they started talking about delivering on all of the next-gen promises they made at the PS4 reveal.



Epic said:

I agree @Jaz007 after all that's what Kingdoms of Amalur and Batman Arkham City demos did.



Bad-MuthaAdebisi said:

Shame but then again the argument is correct. An hour of gameplay would be a good idea though. The game pretty much sells itself, if you need to play the demo before buying this then you should have your brain zapped with neon.



ztpayne7 said:

I never needed a demo, but I must say this is surprising. They've had a demo with both their main infamous games. They had better hope it achieves very high scores.



ToddlerNaruto said:

I don't need a demo to know that I'll love this game, hehe.

My only issue is the lack of a PS4...wish I had the $400 lol xD.



KAPADO said:

I like this. Does anyone remember the demo for infamous2? Eeeww the screen would just black out into static if you got too far from your objective area.
I thought that was how the game was created and part of the mechanics.
Had I not been a fan of the first game, I would have never purchased it.
Some games don't need demos
And I already preordered second sons.



benrawr said:

I was at the Infamous Second Son Live event in London last night and two good and bad missions were exactly what was on offer.
I can report: It looks BLOOMIN' BEAUTIFUL, the gameplay is really fluid, traversing the world is much faster (thanks to neon), and thankfully this time around the moral decisions actually make a huge difference to the following gameplay and acting/cutscenes



benrawr said:

@SuperSilverback so true! It didn't feel cringeworthy, but we'd already played the exact same missions ourselves before they showed it off, hence why the demo was cut short. Troy Baker is such a showman though and really kept up the atmosphere



banacheck said:

Demo's can also give you false impressions of a game, also when have demo's been a big factor in modern day gaming? because nower days there are hardly any. Not only that with the PS4 you don't really need a 10 minute demo, you can stream someone playing the whole game. And once thay've fully added where you'll be able to take over someone's game, these two things alone are far better than any demo.

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