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Sony's Irritatingly Opposed to Organised Gaming Shelves

Posted by Sammy Barker

Platform holder overhauling PS3 cases again

If you’re anything like this obsessive compulsive editor, you’ll despise the sight of your PlayStation 3 games collection. While we’ve no doubt that there are some impressive titles sitting on your shelf, we’d hazard that there’s very little consistency between the spines of your favourite software. That’s because Sony can’t seem to settle on a single box design for the system, and with the PlayStation 4 and Vita adopting blue banners, it looks like it’s planning to change the layout again.

The ever observant reporters over at IGN spotted that the cover for Tecmo Koei's upcoming kill-‘em-up Deception IV: Blood Ties has slaughtered the traditional black and red header, replacing it with a blue and white one similar to the manufacturer’s latest set of systems. For those not keeping count, this is the platform’s third major branding overhaul, with the original cases boasting the format's infamous Spider-Man font written vertically down each box’s left-hand side.

While we’re actually of the opinion that the new layout looks pretty good, we're not entirely sure why the manufacturer’s bothering to change it at this late stage. Sure, it creates consistency between the consoles, but with the PS3 slowly starting to taper out, this is only going to culminate in frustratingly cluttered collections. Are you seething at the sight of this new cover design? Scream and shout in the comments section below.


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get2sammyb said:

@Dodoo The fact that the second paragraph doesn't wrap perfectly around the image is driving me mad right now.



rjejr said:

Non-wrapping last paragraph pretty much says it all, (only I don't care that much.) Does seem like it will add to the confusion of in store consumers, I can easily see somebody buying this to take home and play on their PS4 only to find out it doesn't. 95% of PS3 games will still have the old covers so of course people might mistake the 1 or 2 games w/ this cover as PS4 games, unless the boxes are much different sizes. It's borderline deceptive advertising. I wouldn't mind as much if the PS4 played PS3 discs b/c then you could still just play it.

Odd decision at an odd time.



Bad-MuthaAdebisi said:

The blue box looks a lot better, the old white box looked cheap. But yes, pointless, its going look daft on your shelf.



owenstodstill said:

ouch.. as someone who is completely OCD about my games this is extremely annoying. hopefully the fact most games coming out now i will be buying on ps4 means i won't have to have any blue/white ps3 games in my collection



Jazzer94 said:

Why oh why do they keep changing, even if blue is my favorite color I really wish that they would be consistent.



Jaz007 said:

I agree, just leave it for PS4 games. I don't it want messing with my collection. Maybe all the games I'll want to get won't have this. It clashes even more than the previous design. GAHHH!!! @Get2sammyB I understand you OCD man.



Epic said:

Inb4people start buying PS3 games thinking they will work on their shiny new PS4.



banacheck said:

I think this is a good idea myself, with the PSVITA & PS4 having the 10x better blue disc cases the PS3 being a PlayStation brand also should have it. It gives the disc cases (Game's) recognition with the PlayStation brand, wether it's on the PS3,PSVita or PS4. Going forwards the colour Blue = PlayStation.

Which has me thinking, has Push Square been talking too Sony's marketing team?, blue.



Carl-G said:

Not bothered now really because i bought my last 'disc' game for my PS3 i.e GT6. Can't see me buying anymore PS3 disc games from now on just maybe a few Downloadable games(like today i got TLoU:LB & Pac-Man:M) + It's odd it's changed now 3 times. The PS1 & PS2 game discs stayed the same i think all thru their lives.

  • if just 1 of my games are not in the A to Z order i can't sleep at nights


FullbringIchigo said:

who cares what the boxes look like on the shelf tjat isn't important all that matters is the disc inside



AVahne said:

PS3 still has several years left in it, with Sony probably thinking that it can last just as long as the PS2. So, why not modernize the box?



ztpayne7 said:

I personally dislike it because of how different it will look next to the other ps3 games. I do like the blue look but not next to the others.



rastamadeus said:

A year or two ago I wouldn't have minded but what exactly is the point now with likely less than a handful of major releases - Persona 5 and... erm...? Just the complete wrong time and the blue will stand right out to those who don't have a PS4 and/or Vita.



Superconsole said:

Aaaargh this stresses me, now my video game collection will look even more odd lined up on the shelves :/



Tasuki said:

Well I dont own a PS3 but if I did this would drive me nuts. I mean I can understand why they want to make it more like the PS4 and Vita cases to make it more uniformed but honestly to me at least it looks horrible on a shelf when all of the cases clash.

It's kinda weird that they went all uniformed cause they didn't do that with the previous generations and Microsoft isn't doing that with the Xbox 360 cases.



ThreadShadow said:

My shelf isn't so bad. I've managed to keep it pretty clean and signify a change of era's. Once they switched from red box spine to black rectangle spine, I said to myself, I wouldn't buy anymore games with red box spine. I recently messed up because I bought Lost Planet 2. Now there's a ruddy red box spine where it shouldn't be! And my Move titles are off in they're own section. So I'll need to finish buying up the black rectangle spine games I want before buying any blue ones. Ha! Game players! Crazy! Amirite?



grenworthshero said:

People who care about how their collections look usually aren't the type to buy digital. That's the point.

I think this is a horrible idea, besides just making my collection look even more jacked-up. Why use the same font and color as PS4? It's going to confuse people and maybe make some people overlook that it's for PS3 when they only own a PS4 or vice-versa.



Gamer83 said:


I was just joking around. I knew what Sammy was getting at and I also prefer buying physical copies as far as home console games are concerned. Can't say this really bothers me, but I can see why it would annoy others.

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