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Sony Schedules PlayStation Network Maintenance for Today

Posted by Sammy Barker

Take a break

There’s never been a better opportunity for you to mow the lawn or blitz through that copy of Anna Karenina that you picked up at the local car boot, as Sony has scheduled a window of PlayStation Network maintenance for today. Set to disgruntle gamers across the globe between 16:30PM and 22:00PM GMT (11:30AM-17:00PM EST/08:30AM-14:00PM PST), the downtime will primarily affect the PlayStation Store, PlayStation Home, and Account Management.

However, if you spent your entire weekend taking out teenagers in Call of Duty: Ghosts (or playing any other game for that matter), then you’ll still be able to login without a hitch and hop online. And even if you can’t, we recommend going for a run or doing a spot of spring cleaning while you wait. After all, it’s not really the end of the world if you do something other than shoot virtual strangers in the face for a few hours, is it?


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Bad-MuthaAdebisi said:

I spent all weekend playing stick of truth and I'll be hoping back on it tonight. Nazi zombie cats, need I say more.



Shaolin said:

Anna Karenina? I hope you picked that up with the obligatory copy of War & Peace lol! Scheduled maintenance certainly won't be a problem today then



Sadistia said:

I get online for both my Netflix account and my gaming.. my netflix which i use for my son and I can't even log onto that. Guess he'll be watching the powerpuff girls today... Lol.



Punkinhead145 said:

I was able to get on BF4 when I got home today, but after I got off I couldn't get on PSN again. Nothing too major, but it just seems weird to me that one moment during the maintenance I was able to get on without a hitch and then the next I couldn't



ToddlerNaruto said:

There was PSN maintenance yesterday?

I never noticed since I rarely connect my PS3 to the internet, lol xD.

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