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Rumour: Ubisoft to Leave a Voicemail Regarding Watch Dogs' Release Date Today?

Posted by Sammy Barker

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French publisher Ubisoft is charging its smartphone ahead of a big reveal later today, which is almost certain to pertain to delayed PlayStation 4 escapade Watch Dogs. The title had originally been set to deploy alongside Sony’s next generation system late last year, but the company has been keeping details regarding the adventure encrypted ever since it was pushed back at the very last minute.

However, an accidental test image on the PlayStation Blog last week teased the imminent announcement of a new release date, and various executives from the firm have been hinting at something similar over the past few days. Now, the Nordic arm of the organisation has told its Facebook followers to expect something big at 18:00PM CET (17:00PM GMT/12:00PM EST/09:00AM PST).

While it’s plausible that this could be related to any of the publisher’s upcoming products, the Twitter account for GAME’s branch in Eastleigh may have let the cat out of the bag, confirming a 27th May arrival for the abovementioned excursion, before promptly pulling the message. Are you eagerly awaiting more information on the open world outing? Hack together a response in the comments section below.

Update: A leaked trailer has all but confirmed the 27th May release date. We're waiting for official word from Ubisoft.


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rjejr said:

3 days before MK8, will make for an entertaining show.

Nevermind, it will be too difficult to do the math, I thought this was X1 and PS4 only, which would have double the install base of Wii U then, I forgot it's coming out on every platform except Wii and Wii U so it will have some great numbers w/ that 160mil PS3/360 base.

And no, I don't think Ubi delayed this due to the MK8 release, though I'm sure the internet conspiracy theorists will think so. I think the Wii U got a delay due to the online component being too difficult to implement on the Wii U due to Nintendo bureaucracy and online issues.



rjejr said:

CET sounds like something that was made up just to annoy the Brits for not going along w/ the Euro. (so says the man who lives the country w/ 9 time zones but only thought they had 4)



Bad-MuthaAdebisi said:

May is a much better month than June, mostly because I want it NOW! Really hoping they've fixed whatever problems they've had. This won't be day one for me but near enough as long as its not broken.



goonow said:

I am sure Mario kart 8 will not be hindered at all by the watch dogs release. Watch dogs is exciting, but mk8 is lose your mind exciting lol



rjejr said:

Watched the trailer so I can comment on topic -

This game looks like it was planned as the sequel to Watchmen where Dr. Manhattan only pretends to kill Rorschach but transports him to 2014 Chicago so he can stop Ozy who has gone from world savior to lunatic.

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