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Rumour: Could PS4 Exclusive Racer DriveClub Burn Rubber Next Month?

Posted by Sammy Barker

Around the bend

Evolution Studios’ delayed next-gen racer DriveClub could be about to take to the track in a matter of weeks. The eagle-eyed folks over at PlayStation Nation caught an errant Tweet from the company in its headlights, hinting that the title is due out on 9th April. The message was deleted in record time, but there’s a screen grab of the evidence embedded to the right.

It’s worth noting that the developer is British, so the date formatting in the correspondence is almost certainly pointing to next month, and not September. That would be a Wednesday, which would make sense, as a cutback version of the title is set to be made available with PlayStation Plus. So, this could be your free game for April.

Assuming that the message is accurate, we’re expecting the release to be re-announced at GDC in just over a week's time. The platform holder is expected to have a big presence at the show, and the abovementioned exclusive racer has been connected to that, as some expect it to be demoed with Sony’s rumoured virtual reality sensor.

With such a long build up to the title prior to its delay, we think that it would be smart for the platform holder to come out with a firm release date this time around, and it looks like that could be what it’s preparing. Are you hopeful that the drive-‘em-up is now on the home straight, or did you park up your interest in the game a while back? Turn the corner in the comments section below.


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InsaneMikeB said:

" a cutback version of the title is set to be made available with PlayStation Plus." Is it me or was this game meant to be free to all of those who got a PS4 on launch? Admittedly that changed when they put the release date of the game back but one would have thought that Sony would have honored that deal!!



Bad-MuthaAdebisi said:

I'm very confused? Free? Why is it £50 on pre orders then... either way I'm not holding my breathe but April some time would be nice.

Ahh reading the link makes sense. I still haven't completed either assassins creed black flag or killzone shadow fall yet and infamous second son will be taking a front seat before I give it a go I believe.



rastamadeus said:

Seems a bit soon and would imply a rush release to just say "oh, yeah, it's out in four weeks."



banacheck said:

& why would it be a rushed release? It's been delayed for around 3 months, so it would imply the game is ready for release if we get a release date.

Good news hopefully it does release next month, also an image of Dishonored II "Darkness of Tyvia" "Witness The Full Reveal At E3 2014" make of that what you will.



Punished_Boss_84 said:

@rastamadeus Exactly.

I think he means rushed as in not giving us enough leeway to know about it and promotion will be hard to do in a month time-peroid.

Hard but not impossible, probably banking on over 3 million PS Plus subscribers to upgrade from cutback "PS Plus" edition.

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