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PS Vita Exclusive Freedom Wars' Box Art May Require Sunglasses to Look At

Posted by Sammy Barker

Bright beasts

Who said that all games are brown and grey these days? Sony’s set to liberate vibrant PlayStation Vita exclusive Freedom Wars on 26th June in Japan, and that means that firm details regarding the co-operative release are starting to trickle out of the platform holder’s penitentiary. That includes the title’s official cover art, which is so colourful that it should come with a public health warning.

The title itself is designed to plug the gaping gap left by Monster Hunter’s transition to the Nintendo 3DS, and sees you working with friends to slaughter oversized monsters in order to reduce the undeserved prison sentence bestowed upon you from birth. There’s no word on a Western release date just yet, but we’d be amazed if the game didn’t get transferred to these shores eventually.


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Cyrso said:

I think Panopticon was a much better name. Freedom Wars sounds generic and uninspired. Hopefully it will be localized after the extra updates are done and I hope it will be called Panopticon with Freedom Wars as subtitle or something.

That said the box art is a bit too busy for me, but I like the gae's premise.

Freedom Wars and God Eater 2 should definitely be localized.



Bad-MuthaAdebisi said:

Freedom wars is a rubbish name and there is far too much going on in that art. Do hope it comes over though.



Heiki said:

I really like the setting of this game. I mean... In Monster Hunter you're basically a hunter (duh) slaying monsters to kill your time, there's virtually no story at all and your character is quite bland.
But in this you're supposed to be fighting for a purpose, there's a story to back you up, and the characters look great. So yes, I'm really excited with this game and hope it comes to the West soon.



bbq_boy said:

Hey guys if you click on SimonAdebisi's names you can see that he comments on most posts. And I hate to add negatively on 99% of ps4 or ps vita announcements. Is this guy trolling but in a subtle way? If he hates 99% or feels lukewarm or slag of ps products can we suggest he sells his ps gear and get a xbox and kindly bugger off. Personally I love the playstation brand and come here to share the love. No haters required here plz



rastamadeus said:

@get2sammyb In your weekly round up think you should have best and worst comment of the week. @bbq_boy would easily win last weeks.

Sorry to say @bbq_boy but not everyone will agree with you that everything Sony do will always be 100% cheerily perfect and people are allowed to slag them off (rightly or wrongly in the eyes if others) because it's called their opinion.

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