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PS4's Prettiest Game Doesn't Exactly Push the Platform's Power

Posted by Sammy Barker

Trip the light fantastic

Cast your anticipation for Uncharted PS4 aside, as Heart Machine’s upcoming Hyper Light Drifter may have already pipped Naughty Dog’s next-gen debut to the prettiest production values post. As part of a meaty message on the PlayStation Blog, studio head Alex Preston has revealed a new trailer for his team’s upcoming Kickstarter funded adventure – and it’s knocked this editor sideways. The clip offers an introduction to the 8-bit inspired outing’s warped world, while also teasing the title’s outrageously inviting visuals and chiptune soundtrack.

Set to release on the PlayStation Vita as well, the impending excursion sees you take control of a character known as the Drifter – a hero who has access to technology long forgotten by the inhabitants of the title’s setting. Unfortunately, the protagonist carries a fatal ailment, which forces him to travel through the ruins of civilisation in search of a solution. Despite the deep narrative, the release will not be stuffed full of dialogue and exposition, preferring to relay its plot through storyboard-esque sequences and the world itself.

In addition to the attractive art style and audio – which is being scored by Rich Vreeland of Disasterpiece fame – the developer’s also talking up the combat, which will emphasise empowerment at every opportunity. “Each enemy reacts to strikes with visible knockback, flashes, and brutal sound effects,” explained Preston. “We spend a great deal of time tuning our systems, adding meaningful feedback to the controls, visuals, and audio design so that they feel responsive.” Of course, if you’re still not convinced, we’re sure that the trailer will change your mind.


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MrHilster said:

Looks awesome, with a lot of indie games on the PS4, I just want them to release!



sajoey said:

This looks positively wonderful. I think I might have to push Hotline Miami 2 out of the way for this as my most anticipated indie game.



BambooBushido said:

I love the look of the art style and direction of the game looks beautiful and amazing can't wait



AhabSpampurse said:

The atmosphere the trailer tried to convey has me sold, it literally took me back to the first time I saw Another World on my MD and when my tiny little mind was blown...



gbanas92 said:

Oh man, this looks great! There was something heartbreaking about that music too. Can't quite put my finger on it though.



get2sammyb said:

@DaftPlayStation You'll be supporting it by buying it when it releases, so I wouldn't feel too disheartened about that. Kickstarter's a bit of an odd thing to be honest. I'm glad it's making games like this viable, though.



DaProphecy726 said:

@DaftPlayStation I was able to put $20 which also covers my copy of the game. Anyone can help on Kickstarters even if it's $5 but you'll still support once the game comes out.



CanisWolfred said:

This was the same trailer they showed before, but now with Playstation logos. Are they making any progress?



KAPADO said:

Looks good but this is not the peetgiest game on ps4. I would argue that Infamous second son or rayman are prettier.

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