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PS4 Firmware Update 1.70 Will Be on Your System Soon

Posted by Sammy Barker

Not far away

With inFAMOUS: Second Son now readily available on both digital and physical store shelves, the next major release set to arrive on the PlayStation 4 is firmware update v1.70. Hastily announced last week after yet another software stability upgrade, the download promises to yank out HDCP encryption, as well as incorporate new share features and offer the ability to dim your DualShock 4’s contentious light bar. The big question is: when’s it due out?

The platform holder’s keeping its lips shut tighter than a politician during an interview with Jeremy Paxman right now, but it has hinted that the hotly anticipated upgrade isn’t far away. “We’ll confirm details soon,” said European PlayStation Blog manager Fred Dutton when quizzed about the fix. “[It's] not far off, but weeks rather than days.” That probably puts it into April. Fortunately, if you leave your system in standby mode, you can be sure that it’ll start downloading the moment that it hits Sony’s servers.

Are you yearning for this meaty update, or are you happy to wait until it's ready? Patch us up in the comments section below.


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Matt_Berial said:

I can't wait to download it. I want to start streaming but i am going to wait until they release the Twitch upgrades, with 720P, Twitch archiving. I wonder if they are going to freshen up the Twitch app? But yeah can't wait for that. When ever it will be, hopefully they manage to do it with the update coming up in a week/weeks.



MadchesterManc said:

I doubt Im the only one here who's hoping 3D Bluray playback is being included with this update but just not been mentioned yet. Im perfectly happy with my Ps4 as it is now aside from the issue mentioned above, so most of these updates talked about so far are kinda moot for myself



Dodoo said:

"lips shut tighter than a politician during an interview with Jeremy Paxman"

hehe +1



thedevilsjester said:

I don't care about twitch, streaming, DHCP, the light bar, or anything else that has been announced about this update. While I am happy that the PS4 is having its functionality extended and polished, I am disapointed that there is nothing on my personal wish list in the update. Why has Sony not asked me what I want?

Dear Sony, my wish-list in order:
1. Make PS3 remotes work with the PS4, or release a PS4 remote.
2. External Media Playback
3. Let me hide the pre-installed software that I don't use.
4. Pause/Prioritize downloads.
5. Let me navigate to Netflix with voice.



kingbutch said:

@MadchesterManc me too im hoping for 3d support I played pinball and trine two and wow looks sweet on my tv I sure hope this comes in an update so I can watch my 3d blurays



Jamrolypoly68 said:

Hope 3d bluray is on the list so annoyed when it didn't accept my avengers disc and maybe a little more from the voice control? Xboxone mugs us ps4 fanous of there



owenstodstill said:

hmmmm more nonsense non important updates.. Seriously when are we gonna get something with some depth. Like the ability to play music and view our photos.
Also things like changing themes, avatars and general customisation options have surely gotta be high on the list



Dodoo said:

@thedevilsjester "Let me hide the pre-installed software that I don't use."

I would like this also please Sony. It still drives me mad to this day that I can't delete the effing Singstar icon on my PS3! Gggggggrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr...........



thedevilsjester said:

@owenstodstill I think the problem here is that everyones list is different. Everything you listed in your comment, I feel is a waste of time and effort. In fact, I would go so far as to say that some of your wants, like themes and avatars (outside of the profile pic) should never become features of the system. My point being that with everyone having radically different wish-lists (even some that conflict with others), there is no way that they are going to please even a fraction of people with each patch. This patch pleases the streamers. Maybe a patch that pleases you will be down the road, but since you are not the only one with a wish-list, I wouldn't hold your breath.

@Dodoo I was speaking more about things that are pre-installed like Playroom and the Sony Music/Video apps. Though being able to hide games/apps on a per-profile basis would help too.



Matt_Berial said:

@get2sammyb I was under the impression that was coming later. But if what you're saying is true color me happy!

Edit: And it is! Nice!! I didn't see that article you posted earlier i missed it, thanks for the heads up.



Shalrice said:

I told Sony's Live Chat representative that I wasn't going to download any more updates for the PlayStation 4 unless the firmware update also allows the PlayStation 4 to play Blu-Ray 3D movies like Sony promised that it would to everyone who owns this system and a 3DTV. How hard is it for Sony to actually KEEP the promise they made (as indicated in their PlayStation 4 manuals which came with the system) that the PlayStation 4 WOULD play Blu-Ray 3D movies? Stop wasting the PlayStation 4's HDD with updates that DO NOT address this issue, Sony!!!!!!!



get2sammyb said:

@Clamedeus Actually, you were right the first time. This is on the way, but as part of a "separate" uipdate, so not 1.70. My bad - sorry for the confusion.



Munkyknuts said:

Navigating Netflix/Lovefilm by voice would be nice...however I have a Geordie/NE England accent so any voice command working is iffy. The update seems ok to me...most of it doesn't fuss me apart from being able to dim or turn off the light bar. I'm sure any sensible gripes folk have with the system will be addressed in time.



7yL3r8 said:

Well I won't be downloading until next month anyway cuz i have satellite internet and I've nearly went over my 10 gb limit. My PS4 has been disconnected from the internet for a week as I'm tryin to save that last little bit of usage for important stuff. Good thing Infamous is single player.



TheWightMonk said:

I'm happy with my ps4 'as a games console' it would be great if it was more like the 'multi media' device its predecessor was but hopefully these things will come in time, until then my ps3 is happily next to my ps4 so I've the best of both gen worlds



Ginkgo said:

Oh there are so many other things that I would prefer than this:
DLNA support
External Drive support
System standby and recover while "in game", like on the Vita (as promised)
Creating Folders
Play TV support (I know this is unlikely, but it is one of the main uses for the PS3 nowadays)
etc, etc, etc

Edit: Having said all that. What this update will do is allow endless youtube videos to be created which is essentially viral marketing for Sony and pushes their share features, so I can understand why it is Sony's priority.



JaxonH said:

Forget dimming the light bar, we need a change in menu! Seriously, this new layout is wrong on so many levels- every game I have gets installed in a single file line across the screen- I only have 4 games atm + a couple digital games, and already I have like 12 icons side by side in one row. Imagine how bad it's gonna be when I have like 30-50 games!

Not just that, but that stupid Music Unlimited and Video crap get thrown in right in the middle of the list- game, game, game, music, game, video, game. It's completely inefficient and unorganized. They need to segregate games from everything else, and find a way of displaying them where you don't have to scroll left through 30-50 icons to find the game you want (which is how it will be in just two years time). Even the PS3, heck even the VITA menu is superior. Give us some consistency. All 3 systems have 3 different menus, and PS4 is the worst of the bunch. Fix this- that's my only gripe with the system.



Matt_Berial said:

@get2sammyb It's all good. I was confused for a second. Haha.I really thought they changed it to the current patch coming up for a minute. But yeah, i thought it was but wasn't too sure. Thanks for the clarification!



Matt_Berial said:

@Ginkgo I know DLNA is on it's way, but not in the upcoming one, it's possible it could be in the next one? I also hope so. That is the only thing i miss from the 360, being able to listen to music while playing loved that little feature.

External Drive support would be good as well. especially folders!



Carl-G said:

I hope they fix this on the PS4(which i thought was just a FIFA14 thing) -
Sometimes the commentary in FIFA14 doesn't play when i start a Match so i have to press the 'Share' button & playback a old FIFA14 video i saved & then go back to the Match/game & the commentary is back? I thought it was just FIFA14 that does that but the other day on MGSV:GZ did it to :-/ At the end of a side Mission someone was speaking but you couldn't hear them but when i watched back the recording i done of it via the 'Share' button you could hear the person speaking in the Video? Very confusing!(& confusing trying to explain that to)



thedevilsjester said:

@JaxonH its actually very organized. Its ordered by most commonly used. After awhile the Music/Video will sink to the bottom (far right) as it has on mine. It still needs to be redesigned though!



JaxonH said:


To me, organized means a layout where I can easily and quickly access any game I want in an equal amount of time. Not so with the status quo. As it stands, I have to scroll through a never-ending single file line of icons until I find the one I want. That's not organized to me, that's about the least possible efficient way I can think of. You have to categorize, or group together, or segregate, or something, ANYTHING but scroll through a single line. By the time this gen is over, I'll have triple digit games. I'm not diggin the thought of finding the one I want in this current layout.

I get the list being from most popular, and that'd be fine as like, Idk, maybe an alternative layout to find what you use most, or maybe just show the five most used icons or something, but not all of them. It's too many. At least, in single file line it is. I played and beat Tomb Raider already, and have not once used Video or Music Unlimited, and yet both of them appear between Tomb Raider and Infamous, a game I'm playing now. How does that happen? No idea.



thedevilsjester said:

@JaxonH You are confusing optimized with organized. The fact that it actually has a systematic predictable pattern makes it organized. I don't mean to troll and argue semantics, I actually agree with you 100% that the layout needs to have a better flow, better categorization, and with each new game the list grows ever long (and if a game updates, its counted as accessed and gets moved to the front of the list). Unfortunately, if the Vita's UI is any indication, Sony is not going to change it.

The poor UI is not a deal breaker for me (and is still a drastically better than the Xbox 360 and Xbox One UI) and I would rather other features come first, though I would not be sad about a UI overhaul!



JaxonH said:


I get what you're saying, but when I say organized, I mean "organized in a manner consistent with finding the games I want easily". Kind of like if I went to Best Buy to grab a game, and every single PS4, Wii U and Xbox One game was on one large shelf together, but in alphabetical order of publisher. Sure, that's technically organization, but not the type of organization that benefits me.



Ali247 said:

All these updates are great!.........but I still think they need to make the interface customizable like a background color or theme. I think that would be great



Dub-Focus said:




jayclayx said:

all this share options are irrelevant for me since I am not a streamer, I would prefer a customizable ps3 interface or a music player while im playing my games just like my vita.

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