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Multi-Monitor Support Included As Part of Gran Turismo 6 Patch

Posted by Edwin Garcia

Pedal to the metal with new features

Update 1.05 is speeding its way into Gran Turismo 6, adding new features that should make fans of the highly popular racing simulator happy. The highlight of the whole update is the addition of multi-monitor compatibility, allowing you to create an even more realistic driving simulation.

Some of the other additions are minor, but make the menus easier to navigate. Now there's a search feature, allowing you to quickly find the right vehicle for you. In the Open Lobby, you will also be able to filter by performance.

Granted, it's nothing game changing, but it should give you a good enough reason to burn some more rubber. Are you still playing Sony's super realistic sim? Start your engines in the comments section below.


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Scollurio said:

Still my most played game at the moment, this update was disappointing though, the forums are brightly ablaze and people are pissed because of lack of delivery of promised features. I for my part couldn't care less at the moment as there is still plenty of content to enjoy as it is, but the "monthly DLC" and features that were in GT5 would be very welcome if its ever going to happen! Until then, I keep racing!



Sutorcen said:

Ok silly question. How do you go about plugging more than one monitor on your PS3? With an hdmi splitter?



NathanUC said:

@Sutorcen In GT5, you needed multiple PS3 and multiple copies of the game. I've played GT5 with 3 monitors and it was pretty cool, but not nearly cool enough to justify buying another PS3.



thedevilsjester said:

@NathanUC Some people have a large disposable income though and having the option lets them throw more cash at Sony. Hell as you said, they have to buy 3 copies of the game, thats a great way to triple-dip!

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