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Minecraft Builds Itself a Gigantic Update on PS3

Posted by Robert Ramsey

Still no date for PS4 edition, though

Digging its way onto the PlayStation 3 tomorrow, Minecraft's newest update adds in an utterly ridiculous amount of new content and fixes a whole load of block-based issues.

Precious ores such as emerald and quartz can now be coaxed from the dirt, while a plethora of other items have been plopped into the game world, including the ever versatile potato and carrot. Trading with villagers is also a possibility now, along with the chance to batter mobs of zombie inhabitants. We could spend hours upon hours writing about what this patch brings, but it's probably easier for all of us if you simply click through to Mojang's official website and peruse the changes for yourself.

Unfortunately, there's still no word on when we can expect the PlayStation 4 version of the release, although the developer's Daniel Kaplan has stated that the next-gen instalment is "being worked on as we speak!" Are the new additions enough to drag you back into the mining masterpiece, or are you sitting in a handmade cave waiting for the title to drop onto Sony's latest console? Light your torches in the comments section below.


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SethPuddle said:

i'm waiting for the vita ps4 and xbox one versions. yes i'm getting all of them.



rjejr said:

My poor son - sleeping sickly on the sofa - was very excited when I told him about this a few day sago. He's going to get well a whole lot quicker now!



Punkinhead145 said:

I'm still anxious for the PS4 version, but it's great to hear that the consol versions are getting massive updates like these



Epic said:

I played today just because I had alot of time without playing and noticed all these new stuff
Kinda regret now killing all the people that were living on the village to take their house as a secondary base xD



Midzark said:

Kk so I have the PS4 and then sold my xbox 360! WHAT was I thinking!! I'm super missing GTA V and Minecraft wish they would both HURRY to PS4!!



MinerWilly said:

I've never owned Minecraft and won't buy the PS3 version as I've a PS4 too. Its probably the game I'm most excited for apart from Battlefield 5. I'd buy it on PS3 right now if it was cross buy but apparently it's going to be a much better version .



Runmaster said:

Annnnd - you can no longer make your own iron golems ... the hidden downside. Must say though, the new skins pack looks awesome.

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