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High Profile Designer Seth Killian Has Resigned from Sony Santa Monica

Posted by Kell Andersen

Dropping like flies

Get out a pen and a mug of Horlicks – it's time to play Sony developer departure bingo. Most recently, Sony Santa Monica staffer Seth Killian has decided to jump ship, confirming the news mere weeks after the studio was ravaged with dismissals. The designer was famously involved with the development of PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale, but also previously worked as a Capcom community manager, as well as helping to create the EVO fighting game tournament.

"Hi guys, I chose to leave my Sony family back in December on great terms," he said on Twitter. "I was inspired by their amazing indies to do my own thing. You'll see the games that I had the privilege to work on at Sony soon – Sony Santa Monica has a stellar lineup coming." Well, that's nice, isn't it?

Killian joins an ever increasing list of creatives ditching their big budget roots to work on self funded projects. Here's hoping that the fruits of their labour make their way onto Sony platforms; considering the Japanese giant's recent rollicking rapport with indie developers, we suspect that there's a pretty good chance that they will.

What do you make of this high profile departure? Are you concerned that the recent slew of resignations may be bad news for the platform holder's internal efforts? Make some noise in the comments section below.


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Gamer83 said:

Another day, more wonderful news out of the total f'ing disaster of a company that is Sony. Losing all these high profile people is no big deal though, standard practice...



N711 said:

That was in December as for 'news'. I wonder what games he alludes to? GoW?



Gamer83 said:


Always do, I love reaing this news every day, I boght my PS4 mainly because of Sony's first party games but it's clear the idiots in charge won't be happy until its entire group of internal studios are stripped down shells of their former selves. I'm sure the next round of news will be massive layoffs at Sucker Punch, or it being shutdown all together. I'm sick of being so negative but unfortunately, there's nothing to be positive about. That X1 purchase will need to be made sooner rather than later. Not everything is great with MS either but the long-term outlook is better. MS is ok financially and is spending money it has to get exclusives. Sony? People leaving left and right and spending money it doesn't have on a vr headset.



Cyrso said:

@Gamer83 Why should a company's financial state affect your decisions rather than looking at the quality of the products you're considering to buy? And not to mention value?

I could also end up buying an XB1 down the line but not with that reasoning.. I would look at their first-party output for a large sample of years, I would look at the console itself obviously, the value, the hardware, features etc, obviously.When I'm going to buy a smartphone it's not going to be automatically an iPhone just because Apple the richest... I couldn't care less about these corporations, it's the product itself I care about. Since when are people making purchases based off how rich a corporation that only exists to take away your money?

Sony made losses during the PS3 generation, Microsoft quickly reached profitability with X360, does that automatically mean it's the better console with the better first-party games? No, clearly PS3's first party games were better in quality and quantity, in fact let's be honest Microsoft's whole first-party output has been terrible since a few years already. They dropped the ball in 2012-2013 imo.

Keep in mind a lot of Sony first party studios have grown considerably over the last years, except only departures take the headlines. In two years: Sucker Punch from 80 to 120, Naughty Dog from 200 to 250, Guerilla Games is 200 people now, they were definitely much smaller before.

People are leaving and getting re-hired all the time in the game industry.. Even Microsoft closed Victoria Studios, had Halo's lead programmer leaving 343i etc. Disney laid off 700 people from its games division, Take Two closed Irrational games, Eidos Montreal let go 30 people from its studio, EA let go an unknown amount of staffers from Popcap etc etc. It's not exclusive to Sony by any means, it's not exclusive to financially poor-performing companies, they will simply always try to keep the best development efficiency and keep the output the highest possible in relation to costs. Bigger is not always going to be the aswner. A large portion of employment in the video game industry is contractually, aka they hire specific positions and when the game is wrapping up they're let go.

You're just hearing about it a lot because news like this spreads quickly via Twitter these days and make for good fanboy-war driven clickbait articles. Yes, obviously there have been a lot of recent ones from Sony, but to me I would simply hold off my judgement and take a wait and see approach. Everyone said at the start of the previous generation that X360 exclusives were going to dominate and look how it turned out.

Anyway, do whatever you want of course. I would certainly recommend an XB1, it will only lead to more games, more choice and more diversity in games overall if you own both.
Although I would recommend a Wii U first, since you'll have less overlap that way.



Cyrso said:

@Gamer83 Not to mention even after all this, out of the three console manufacturers, SCE still has the largest, established roster of first-party development studios. (which means the chances of having departures is also relatively higher, when you have more people)

It's your very own right to be worried about this, I'm not going to argue about that, but personally I wouldn't jump to conclusions and just wait and see what happens and see what Sony and Microsoft have in store for us, see how it compares. E3 is right around the corner.

And I don't have a PS4 yet so I'm not thirsty for PS4 games or something, I don't get why anyone would buy a PS4 already if you're just waiting for the first-party games to hit. Why not just wait until E3 and see how Sony & Microsoft release the kraken and wait until you've got a nice library of games including first-party games to choose from with your new console?

Just my two cents, personally I think the PS3 is still going strong and I'm going to purchase a PSVita soon and I've still got a huge backlog on PS3 & PC (and Vita soon), not to mention all those free PS+ games.



N711 said:

@get2sammyb I just read theres a problem with Vita last update for people having a 32gb memory card. Maybe safer to take out the memory card before switching on while they are working on a fix



Carl-G said:

I think SONY should show everyone a New PS4 Exclusive(or 2) 'now' just to calm everyone down & show that all these people who are leaving at the moment(& the ones who are getting laid-off) is not affecting future big PS4 Exclusives(i am not worried tho, well...sort of slowly getting a bit worried)



BambooBushido said:

@Gamer83 Oh good another day of you bitching on about nothing did i miss something did Sony file for bankruptcy have they shutdown all there first party-studios have they fired millions of people this year No ok then how about you shut the F up now and stop bitching and talking s*** when you don't know s***



Fenriswolf- said:

@DaftPlayStation haha yea this kid lives to overreact to things he has absolutely no understanding of! It's actually getting somewhat amusing! And his latest rant is in reaction to a guy who left one studio to start his own indie titles...God forbid!! Haha



Gamer83 said:


I'll type what I want, when I want. Fanboys who live in a fantasy world where everything is fine with their corporate mother aren't going to stop me from looking realistically at the situation. The company has been losing money for a long time. It has downsized a studio in Santa Monica that not just a few months before had been expanded. It laid off workers and cancelled games there. Layoffs have struck other first party studios and they are losing high profile people every week. You can act all you want like this isn't a big deal but it is.



Gamer83 said:


I'm done with this conversation after this, because we're never going to agree and you want to play the 'crazy' card because you've got nothing else. A company that is in financial hell laying off people at several studios, down sizing studios that just mere months before had been expanded, cancelling games and losing high profile people at several different places, week after week is a big deal. The crazy ones are the ones who suggest otherwise.



BambooBushido said:

@Gamer83 To me the crazy ones are the ones who jump to conclusions that are based on crazy theories speculations rumors and preconceived notions but whatever your never going to see it from my perspective just like I'm never going to see it from yours so I'm done two we agree to disagree



Shaolin said:

@Cyrso An excellent set of posts, very balanced.

@Gamer83 I mean this with all due respect, you're an interesting one. It's like you're an anti-fanboy, so that would be like an anti-hero. You don't proclaim diehard loyalty to any single console brand in the way that lot of drivelling fanboys do but instead you seem pessimistic in the extreme about all of them lol! Funnily enough, there is some logic in what you say but I can't help but wonder whether it would have to be a really bad luck day for Sony to go down the toilet as badly as you foretell. Bad luck for Sony and bad luck for all of us too.



Gamer83 said:


Unfortunately it's not rumor or speculation that Sony as a whole is in massive trouble but it's whatever at this point. I'll comment on these articles but I'm not going to go on any more rants because even I'm sick of being so negative. Since I really have no desire to buy a Wii U for more than 4 games and I don't trust MS one bit, I hope Sony gets things straightened out. E3 will be intersting, if by then these departures haven't stopped and there aren't at least 5 currently unknown AAA exclusives shown (first or third party), I'm going to feel even more uneasy about the PS brand's future. In the mean time, at least for now through May I've got a whole bunch of recently purchased and future purchased games to enjoy on PS4, Vita and 3DS. January and February kind of sucked but thankfully since the middle of this month things have picked up.



Gamer83 said:


It doesn't seem like it but I am a huge PlayStation fan and back in the day I spent a crap ton of money on other Sony products, I was a big fan of the discman line. I'm negative by nature but the last thing I want to see is Sony disappear. Same goes for Nintendo, the company that kicked off my game obsession, and even MS. The PlayStation brand is by far my favorite though which is why some of these current trends bother me so much and not just at Sony, but I won't go into that.



bbq_boy said:

These type of stories are nothing to worry about. People leave companies all the time and we hardly ever receive positive news about excellent people joining a company. Anyway developers leaving huge companies is a recent trend. Guessing each one of them hopes to make millions selling smartphone apps or can't stand the huge pressure working on gazillion budget games. Or maybe by going it alone they are still part of Sonys family, just developing quick turnaround indie/app games.



Punished_Boss_84 said:

So apparently people can't leave Sony if they want to for said reasons because it equates to PlayStation being in trouble. What a load of non-sense.

Topic: He wasn't there very long but good luck to him.

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