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Hideo Kojima Wants You to Play Metal Gear Solid 5 with a Smartphone in Tow

Posted by Kell Andersen

Thinking outside the box

Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes is quietly creeping up on us, so Sony has put together this video interview with franchise director Hideo Kojima, in which he explains some of the title's exciting new features. One such element that the auteur is keen to emphasise is the ability to access information such as Snake's map and inventory on your real-world smartphone.

That's right, the long running series is giving its own spin on those pesky second screen gaming experiences that are apparently all the rage right now. In a classic Kojima twist, however, using the iDroid won't actually pause the action in the main game. In other words, you'll have to remain constantly vigilant and ensure that you're completely out of sight if you plan to use the handy helper.

The luminary also discussed the PlayStation 4's share button, suggesting that he's excited that it'll bring a significantly more social aspect to the traditionally solo series. Oh, and if you want to find out even more about the rapidly incoming covert operation, take a look at our extra special video preview through here. Will you be taking advantage of the second screen iDroid capabilities, or do you prefer to sneak about strictly with a gamepad in hand? Give us a call in the comments section below.


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NathanUC said:

It always seems like a silly feature, but my GF and I use these second screen/apps for some makeshift couch coop. Assassins Creed IV had a particularly good use of their smartphone app. She'd be able to load up the map and control my fleet from our tablet while I captured more ships/treasure. It was a lot of fun.

Really hoping MGS5 and Watch Dogs adds similar experiences.



charlesnarles said:

@NathanUC there's sure to be some kind of Outer Ops deal, since AC4 basically took the idea from PW and has proven it works as/on a second screen.
Very Kojima of them to not pause the game. Boosts immersion in the psychological sense way more effectively than even Rift/etc. Like GT with a steering wheel or Ghost Recon with a Move gun, only you're checking your gps lol can't wait



Shaolin said:

@NathanUC I totally agree! A friend of mine and his wife swear by this because she finds a controller a little intimidating but is completely comfortable with tapping and swiping away on a tablet or smartphone. I truly believe that this is the model way for encouraging females in the mainstream into console gaming.



ThreadShadow said:

cough, Perfect app for, cough, cough, PS Vita, cough, Wii U Gamepad, cough, cough...




If Kojima releases a companion app for phones then it must be available on the Vita too! I will have to call him and give a peace of my mind if he fails this mission.

I'm sure it will as it will certainly show that Sony hasn't forgotten about the Vita. It can spark interest in purchasing a Vita and give potential MGSVGZs buyers an incentive to get the PS4 version versus another platform. I can see the marketing now. Get the "COMPLETE" Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zero experience ONLY on PS4 and PlayStation Vita.



JaxonH said:

Eh, smartphones just don't cut it. Even the Vita is pushing it considering it's not comfy like a normal controller, doesn't have clickable analogues and missing 2 shoulder buttons. Idk, I like the Wii U concept, but that's because it works with the gamepad. It's super ergonomic, has a very large screen and isn't missing any buttons. When it comes to my PS4 games though, I think I'd just prefer to play them normally. But hey, it's cool he's adding this in case anyone else is interested. If so that's cool, but it's not for me...

I did end up pre ordering this game. After the $10 price drop, and a $5 gift card offer on Newegg for pre ordering (which also happens to be tax-free and free shipping), I couldn't say no. Might be short, but hey, for $25 why not...

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