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Here's How Much You May Have to Pay on PlayStation Now

Posted by Kell Andersen

The price is slight

Sony's broadcast partner in crime Gaikai recently updated the history page on its website, and a new image has surfaced that may give us some insight into the devious duo's plans. The shot shows what a potential storefront may look like on the pair's proposed streaming solution, PlayStation Now. More interesting, though, are the prices included for the outright purchase of several games.

In what is hopefully not an omen for the incoming service, the picture is a little blurry, but you can still make out that Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception is currently listed at $5.99 (£3.59), while Far Cry 3 will set you back a measly $4.99 (£2.99). On the other end of the spectrum, The Last of Us looks to be priced at $49.99 (£29.93), however there isn't actually a PlayStation Now icon next to the banner, so this figure may represent something else entirely.

What's more, it's entirely possible that these are just placeholder numbers only included to flesh out the concept image. In any case, it's still interesting to speculate as to just how the Japanese giant plans to monetise the service. Do these prices seem reasonable to you, or is your wallet not prepared to part with such princely sums? Broadcast your thoughts into the comments section below.


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SuperSilverback said:

£3 for Far Cry 3 is great. But PS Now isnt for someone like me. Im keeping my PS3 and all the games ive got for it.



UNC5052 said:

Those prices are likely for renting the games for a specific time period. Uncharted 3 and Far Cry 3 each have prices which are blue and have a logo beside them, and it looks like it says "from" above the price. The Last of Us has a white price, which is how the store looks today.



ztpayne7 said:

I rented far cry 3 from the library and I liked it. Not enough to buy it, but enough to want to finish it. Then someone stole it so I couldn't complete it. I'd definitely pay $5 for it though.



InsertNameHere said:

All the prices look reasonable to me, and if I didn't already own it, I'd be glad to pay $6 for Uncharted 3.



Jazzer94 said:

Its gonna be £5 UK never gets a direct conversion due to VAT and a little extra just cause they can, though isn't bad depending on what the quality of the stream.



Carl-G said:

All i really want out of this streaming service it to be able to stream Demos So i don't have to waste 'hours' downloading them &(normally) playing them for a 'minute' or so & deleting them because 90% of the demos are rubbish



k_andersen said:

@Carl-G Oh man, that's such a good idea! I can't even count how many times I've spent an hour waiting for a demo to download, only to have the game be awful. I really really hope they implement this somehow!



Jazzer94 said:

@Carl-G That's a great idea I think OnLive had a feature like that but I might be wrong seeing as I've only read and never used the service myself.



Bad-MuthaAdebisi said:

Still unsure about the whole thing, I don't really have any use for it but I imagine some people will, I'd probably prefer a subscription only charge but I imagine I'll need to pay a fee to play/own the games too. The demo games streaming idea is very good aye.



rjejr said:

Glad to see I'm not the only one confused by the entire "PS Now" thing.
The more I read about it the more I don't get it. Rental, purchase, per game, monthly subscription, old games, new games? I'm beginning to doubt even Sony knows what they want this to be.



ReigningSemtex said:

Pricing seems very reasonable I hope it will be something along these lines when playstation now comes to Europe



rastamadeus said:

@rjejr Every word in your comment is spot on. Sony seem determined to push this through so they can shout "FIRST!" rather than work out what the hell the service should actually be.



charlesnarles said:

@rjejr they've been faithful to their vision, which has always just been streaming. The Beta for ps3 is on the PSN tab, so I think the service is free (with Plus maybe) but you'll pay for access to games like they showed us. And I don't see why they wouldn't put new/good games on it at more expensive prices. We probably get a handful of classics for free, with the option of renting or buying more game access. It's not as sketchy as it sounds at all.



rjejr said:

@charlesnarles - Not "sketchy", convoluted. I played on Gametap on my PC for a long time. both the free version and the paid version, so I understand the concept, but it still feels like they arne't sure how to present this and what their final goal is, I'm guessing in large part due to PS+ already existing so they technically already have a rental service, and a purchase discount service. And PS4 can play games while you are DL'ing them, so what's the point?



rjejr said:

@rastamadeus - "Every word in your comment is spot on."

Gotta be right sometime, just wish I could stop being so negative of late.



rastamadeus said:

@rjejr Sadly there's just a lot of things that are negative going on in the gaming world at the moment.

Any UK gamers who want a bit of positivity though, head to HMV ASAP! Every preowned game is 70% as they're stopping selling preowned games. I just got Need For Speed Rivals and Tomb Raider (both PS4) for £21. May wanna put a note up @get2sammyb telling people to pop to HMV?



ToddlerNaruto said:

Not interested, I still have my PS3 and won't be selling it ever.

(I do still plan on owning a PS4 though, just gonna wait a few years for the price to drop down to $300 New or cheaper)

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