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Guide: Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes PS4 Trophy Guide & Road Map

Posted by Mat Growcott

Rinse and repeat

Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes is a game that you’ll want to 100 per cent. With only a few hours of original content, having something to aim for will give you a little more bang for your buck. Whereas other Metal Gear games have been a time consuming to say the least, Ground Zeroes can probably be entirely completed in around ten hours, less if you go out your way to do everything on your first playthrough. Keep your eyes on the target and you’ll be extracting that final Trophy in no time.

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Road Map

Ground Zeroes is split into several different missions. The main level will take you around an hour to complete first time and will net you two bronzes. You have to complete that to unlock everything else. The Déjà Vu mission – the extra-op that has you recreating scenes from the original Metal Gear Solid – is locked until you collect all of the XOF tags in the Ground Zeroes mission, so you’ll need to do that if you want to grab the Trophies for completing all levels.

The thing that’s not instantly noticeable about the Ground Zeroes Trophy list is that there’s a clear structure to how you have to play. The more you play, the more you unlock, and the closer you’ll get to nabbing the last of the trinkets. For that reason, your main focus ought to be on making sure that you have access to everything. Finish Ground Zeroes, pick up all the XOF patches, play through each of the extra-ops, and only then do you really have to worry about playing in a specific way or with any skill. To begin with, just enjoy the ride: knowing the area and guard placements is going to be important moving forward.

Once you feel confident, you can try and aim for the specific objectives. Rescue all the hostages, escape in a certain way – just follow the outline in the Trophy description, and you’ll be fine. These range in difficulty, but also how easy they are will rely on how you decide to approach each situation, so experiment if you’re having trouble.

Once you’ve got everything else, it’s time to start running the S-ranks and hard difficulty levels. By this point, hopefully you'll have a good grasp of what you’re capable of and where to go. Be quick, be silent and don’t kill, and you should have no problems whatsoever.

Trophy Guide

Reunion – Bronze
Reunite with Chico or Paz

You’ll get this around halfway through your first Ground Zeroes mission playthrough, probably by following Kaz’s instructions and finding Chico in the old prison to the East. Either way, it can’t be missed.

Downfall – Bronze
Clear the "Ground Zeroes" mission

Complete all the main mission constraints in the titular op. Finishing this unlocks a set of extra-ops required for other Trophies.

Genesis – Bronze
Clear a Side Op or Extra Op

This is as simple as finishing one of the secondary missions unlocked on the completion of Ground Zeroes. Take your pick of one that sounds interesting and complete the objective. Don’t worry about playing skilfully, so long as you complete the mission set, it doesn’t matter what you do to get there.

Accomplished – Bronze
Clear all missions (including Side Ops and Extra Ops)

You won’t be able to feel Accomplished unless you’ve finished both Ground Zeroes and the additional operations. Remember, this includes Déjà Vu, so you won’t actually be able to unlock this until after you’ve collected all the XOF patches.

Skilled – Silver
Clear any mission (including Side Ops and Extra Ops) with a S-rank

Proving that you’re skilled is as easy as getting an S-rank in a single mission. It can be any mission, so long as you ace it. The easiest opportunity for this is in the ‘Intel Operative Rescue’ mission. It’s practically on-rails, so you don’t have to worry about time; just equip your non-lethal weapon and use that throughout. For a helpful boost in points, turn off Reflex in the options – you won’t need it anyway since you’re not sneaking, and that’ll earn you an extra Trophy to boot.

Hero – Gold
Clear all missions (including Side Ops and Extra Ops) with a S-rank

This will probably be one of the last Trophies that you earn, as it requires you to S-rank every single mission. The key is to be quick and quiet, but also remember that you can boost your score in several ways. Rescuing hostages is a must and is probably more important in terms of points than staying out of sight or not killing enemies. Also, try not to die or restart checkpoints, as these come with a penalty as well.

When rescuing hostages isn’t an option, speed will suffice. Learn the best way to complete your objective, avoid being seen and get out as quickly as possible.

Rescue – Bronze
In the "Ground Zeroes" mission, rescue the prisoner to be executed and extract him via chopper

This is the first of the mission-specific Trophies. The prisoner is lying around near the entrance of the refugee camp in the west. He’s hidden away in the shadows by the stack of wood. Call the helicopter back to where you began the mission and run the prisoner back to the LZ.

Depth – Bronze
Clear the "Eliminate the Renegade Threat" Side Op by extracting both targets

This is perhaps the hardest of the mission-specific trophies, or at least it’ll take you the most time. It’s already a relatively difficult mission to stealth anyway, as it asks that you take out two targets as quickly as possible. Getting caught will cause the targets to move, or perhaps even escape. So extracting them by knocking them out and running them to a helicopter is going to take some work.

The key is to take it slow – knock out enemies so that your escape path is clear when you try to run. Approach each guard as the very real threat that they can be and make sure that nobody is around to see you approach a target. Listen to the intelligence given to you and make use of your stun gun and the Trophy should soon be yours.

Pacifist – Bronze
Clear the "Intel Operative Rescue" Side Op without killing a single enemy

This mission takes place almost entirely within a helicopter. Equip your non-lethal weapon and just shoot everything that you see. You have unlimited ammo, so there’s nothing to really worry about on that front. The only problem you’ll find is the final enemy, who’s trying to shoot you down from another helicopter. Keep at it though, using checkpoints if you have to – it’s definitely doable, and without too much stress.

Infiltration – Bronze
Clear the "Classified Intel Acquisition" Side Op while riding in the back of a truck

You start this mission in the back of a truck and, in fact, it’s taking you to exactly where you need to go. Just let it roll along until it stops. When the coast is clear, jump out, follow the path to the left, and climb up the ladder. The Intel is in the room along this path. There’s a camera in there, so shoot it out before entering. Grab the Intel, run back to the truck and wait. Mission accomplished!

Extraction – Bronze
In the "Destroy the Anti-Air Emplacements" Side Op, rescue and extract all prisoners via chopper

This’ll probably be a hassle, but not exactly hard. The base is on alert for much of your mission, and so you’ll probably find yourself bothered more often than you need to be. Just focus on finding and rescuing the prisoners. No surprise where they are either: there are a few in the old prison where you found Chico, and one in the base where Paz was held. So, just like every other level’s prisoners.

Reminiscence – Bronze
Recreate all scenes in the "Déjà-Vu" Extra Op

Complete all the scenes in a single op. Recreate the photographs in your iDroid. This needs to be done in a single playthrough, but that shouldn’t be too tough as they’re all close together (near the base) and there aren’t many guards around either. It’d be too much to explain each scene individually, so check out the video below for more info.

Unlocked – Bronze
Unlock all trials

You unlock the first trial for each op by completing it on a given difficulty level. To unlock the rest, simply complete the first trial. You’ll need to do this on both Normal and Hard to unlock them all, so this one might take quite a while. The first trial usually involves marking all enemies. Just take your time and don’t worry about getting spotted. In fact, it can almost help to have the enemies swarm you at times.

Information – Bronze
Obtain all cassette tapes

Cassette tapes are Ground Zeroes’ other collectable, outside of the XOF patches which you’ll already need to have grabbed to unlock Déjà Vu. Check out the video below for full information.

Insignia – Bronze
Obtain all XOF unit patches

These aren’t too tough to find, although you’ll likely not spot them on your own unless you’re searching. Use the video below and your night vision goggles, though, and you’ll soon be working your way through them. They can only be found on the Ground Zeroes mission, and collecting them all will net you the Déjà Vu mission. It can be done at any time, although we recommend doing it on your second playthrough, just so you don’t spend your first run checking the Internet every two seconds.

[ Video Credit: PowerPyx ]

Have you got any Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes Trophy tips? Have you managed to 100 per cent complete the title? Sneak up on us in the comments section below.

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Bad-MuthaAdebisi said:

Its just a shame that PlayStation feels its a lesser experience and challenege than Hannah Montana but I can kind of understand that.



ZeD said:

I was thinking of getting 100% on this but after clearing it first time in just over an hour I feel really let down by the game. I love the new features but to be honest the level did not do it any justice. I might do the side ops but not very motivated at the moment



charlesnarles said:

@ZeD I just now finished the main mission and am blown away. It's 200 times smaller than the real game on purpose so we can get used to the controls/features, not marvel at it's scale. Did you play PW? Cause idk how anyone could be disappointed (other than no Hayter!)



ZeD said:

@charlesnarles but like I said; the level was the wrong choice to show the features off. I remember playing the first part of MGS3 and I was blown away - this, did not have the same effect.
I played peace walker a tiny but but it really did not grab my interest plus the controls were just awful. This is a glorified demo which is there just to do one job; get people excited for the next instalment in the series. And to be honest it worked! I just want the full game - not this.



MatGrowcott said:

@charlesnarles My problem was that I'd paid half of what I will for Phantom Pain for a game that had already been announced to be 200 times smaller. I definitely wasn't disappointed, more underwhelmed.

If the secondary missions had been set in a different place, or if there'd been more variety to the open world, I probably wouldn't have cared so much. But even calling it an open world is a bit misleading, not because it's not true but because the map was small and Metal Gear has always been a little open world. I imagine there were parts of Metal Gear Solid 3 that were approaching the same size as the Ground Zeroes map and offered just as many ins and outs.



ZeD said:

@MatGrowcott Thank You! I admit when I first heard; MGSV Open World, I got really excited. I do not know how they can call this open world. It is very similar to Crysis where you have different paths to choice - this is not the definition of "Open World". I am sure that Phantom Pain will be open world, but like I have said many times before, this level did not justify the final vision. It gave us a tiny tiny glimpse but not enough to satisfy.



charlesnarles said:

@MatGrowcott Remember when 4 had the demo video? This is just a step up, adding interactivity. Why show a video when we can play a smidgen? (Or don't pay $20 and do just watch videos. Right?)
@ZeD well I didn't play inFamous 1 or 2 and don't really get why SS is so good, so maybe it's a "had to be there" thing.



ZeD said:

@charlesnarles All entitled to our own opinion. At least SS knows what open world means :/
I would have liked it if the side ops were extensions on the main map (take Far Cry 3 for example) Hopefully, PP will be like this and then we all will dance the dance of joy!



Alpha said:

@get2sammyb i somewhat agree with you, However i think some really small games shouldnt have a platinum, they should have trophies tho, but games like this should. Athough i do not like how the game only has 1 Silver and 1 Gold trophy, and the rest are Bronze. And i think also Online Modes should have a seperate Trophy list so they arnt required for the platinum. Thats what i think at least. i kinda got sucked into the trophies thing lol.

On a side note, i hope theres an update with more missions and a few more trophies, i doubt this will happen but hey itd be cool if it did happen. i love the game. shame i paid only $19.99 for it, as i think it should have been a bit cheaper (like $14.99) but i am sure gonna get my moneys worth! i even tried the Ground Zeroes App out as the Map. it was really cool actually.



Alpha said:

@ZeD I know how you feel on that. i want the full game too, it was a tease. and hideo Kojima knows it! play one of the Side Ops, and youll see what i mean.... lol



Alpha said:

@MatGrowcott I figured that would be added... but hopefully as a free update or something. I. Mean really different missions.

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