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Guide: How to Send Voice Messages on the PlayStation Vita

Posted by Sammy Barker

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Text is all well and good, but nothing makes a personal message quite like a recorded voice clip. While this functionality has been available on the PlayStation 4 for some time, PlayStation Vita firmware update v3.10 allows you to send your own audio messages to friends. Best yet, they can be listened to on both platforms. But how do you create one on the platform holder’s flagship portable?

1. Make sure your microphone’s turned on

Before you send a voice message on the Vita, you’ll need to turn your microphone on. To do this, hold down the ‘PlayStation’ button for five seconds until a menu pops up. Scroll down the list of options and ensure that the ‘Disable Microphone’ button is unchecked.

2. Open the ‘Messages’ application

Every message begins with the ‘Messages’ application. Find this on your Vita’s home screen and select it to open up its LiveArea. Click the central start box to boot it up, and access a list of your messages.

3. Create a message

You can either send a voice message in response to a previous conversation, or as part of a new one. To send one as part of an existing conversation, simply find the appropriate thread on your list of discussions and tap on it. To create a new message, click ‘Create Message’ and follow the instructions to select the recipient.

4. Record your voice message

Once you’re in the create message screen, select the speaker icon to the immediate left of the text input field. This will bring up a list of attachment options, to which you need to select ‘Record Voice Message’. Tap the ‘Record’ button and talk out loud. You have 15 seconds to record your message. Once you’re finished, you can push ‘Stop’ to conclude your recording early. You can also push ‘Play’ to hear how it sounds. Select ‘Ok’ to store it, and then you’re free to send it to a friend. You can still include some text with the recording if you desire.

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JaxonH said:

This is awesome. Voice texting is pretty cool. All the benefits of tone of voice by telling someone something, but you don't have to get an earful in exchange for it. I like it



Alpha said:

@Reverandjames I dont know, i actually for one am really happy that this is out, my friends have a PS4 and/or a Vita and i have a PS3 and a Vita. i hate that i cant send or recieve voice messages. but with this, i can!

i will be using this a whole bunch! .... when i update my Vita that is.... lol

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