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God of War Collection Will Tune in to PS Vita TV in Japan

Posted by Sammy Barker

Remember that?

Sony’s quaint little PlayStation Vita-based microconsole PS Vita TV may currently be battling the Xbox 360 at the bottom of the Japanese sales charts, but the platform holder hasn’t forgotten about the unit entirely. Famitsu reports that the God of War Collection will be fully compatible with the miniscule machine when it launches in the region on 15th May, allowing you to play the re-release on the big screen.

For those out of the deity dispatching loop, the abovementioned handheld compilation will include re-mastered versions of PlayStation 2 classics God of War and God of War II. The package launched on the PlayStation 3 a few years back, but is now spreading its Icarus wings to the PlayStation maker’s portable platform. Isn’t technology just wonderful?


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Bad-MuthaAdebisi said:

@RawShark ha ha, it seems a bit pointless to put a console game onto a handheld and then hook it up to your TV... I'd like to do this with TxK perhaps. Anything that doesn't stretch the game into a mess. I'm guessing there is zero news of vita TV being sold outside Japan?

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