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Forget About First-Person Games, This PS4 Puzzler Is Fourth-Person

Posted by Sammy Barker

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What do you get if you cross Escher-inspired puzzler Echochrome with an intricately detailed oil painting? The answer, of course, is upcoming ‘fourth-person’ PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita escapade Pavilion, which is in production at indie outfit Visiontrick Games. However, the even bigger question is: how do you actually play it?

Well, the title is based upon the idea of audio-visual imagery, and a bit like Japan Studio’s abovementioned monochrome brainteaser, sees you interacting with the environment in order to guide the unnamed protagonist through the bewitching world. The studio states that the release will not include text tutorials or instructions, and will instead leave you to learn the rules for yourself.

Naturally, this means that the team's not willing to say much more at this point in time, though it has promised to provide updates on the project’s progress from now until release. Until next time, you can check out the head scratcher’s latest trailer below. Is your brain already breaking over the potential problems ahead? Cross your eyes in the comments section.


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charlesnarles said:

Looks like regular old 3rd p in the vid. Not exactly sure where the other "person" comes in. Do they mean 4-dimensional? Cause that would just look like a 3d representation of it (3d ball passing thru 2d looks like a point that grows to a circle then shrinks again to nothing). Looks awesome, tho, like Echochrome with ICO's art. Cool



Bad-MuthaAdebisi said:

Really like the look of this considering I'm not into puzzlers. Definitely something weird and original I'll be slapping on the vita.

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