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Brace Yourself for This Dark Souls II Launch Trailer

Posted by Nicola Hayden

The curse of the dark

"Your flesh will decay. Your mind will fade. But you won't ever die." These wise words of wisdom are offered in the latest Dark Souls II trailer. While the first two afflictions may haunt you after a five hour session with the unforgiving sequel, though, we can't guarantee the latter. Still, if you weren't eager to lay your life on the line while reading through the title's many raving reviews, they've all been handily compiled in the video below.

Of course, if you want the real lowdown on what the game has to offer, then don't forget to check out our full review for all of the gory details. Are you planning to sell your soul to this release over the coming weeks, or is this one suicidal pact that you'd rather pass on? Leave your last words in the comments section.


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finmilligan said:

I'll probably be getting my PS4 around the time I'll be getting this and, annoyingly, I'll have to keep my PS3 at home (and take my PS4 to my flat). So excited for this though, still trying to get past Smough and Ornstein in the first game!



ShogunRok said:

I'm glad this isn't the other launch trailer — the one with the awfully-suited music and really badly shot gameplay!

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