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Bawdy JRPG Mugen Souls Z Bursts onto the PS3 in May

Posted by Kell Andersen

Z is a magic number

With the exception of Persona 5, there aren't exactly a truckload of new titles tearing onto the PlayStation 3 this year. But if you're looking for a reason to dust off that DualShock 3 controller, and you're too terrified to look through your backlog, perhaps Mugen Souls Z will be of interest. This jaunty JRPG from developer Compile Heart features a tactical battle system, as well as a fully customisable character creation tool.

And as this trailer demonstrates, it also features some of the most lurid and eye-popping cut scenes you're likely to see outside of a contraband fuelled hallucination. What's more, considering the studio's sordid catalogue, it's probably saved the sauciest stuff for the full release. The game will be launching in North America on 20th May and in Europe on 23rd May. A special edition will also be available and will come packed with a keychain, poster, and various other artistic accoutrements. Will you be picking up this peppy RPG, or does it look a bit garish for your tastes? Let us know in the comments section below.


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MadchesterManc said:

I'll quite possibly give it a go. I tend to enjoy Compile Hearts work more than most, plus I do like their quirky & colourfully lush art styles with the numerous series they run. Let's hope it's an improvement over the original at least tho eh



rastamadeus said:

This and Watch Dogs should keep me busy over the week I have off for my birthday (same say WD is out, good timing).



Sanqet said:

Eh what was that I think that was the weirdest jrpg I have ever seen but in a good way

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