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You're Probably Going to Get Hooked to the PS4 Port of Diablo III

Posted by Sammy Barker

Cancel your plans for a while

Mechanical depth and narrative density are always appreciated aspects when we come to evaluating games, but sometimes you just want to smash up rancid ogres and equip increasingly impressive gear. Fortunately, there’s very little pretence to the impending PlayStation 4 port Diablo III: Ultimate Evil Edition, which bundles an enhanced version of last year’s console release with the Reaper of Souls expansion pack.

However, as the intense stare of the player at the helm of this demo from the Taipei Game Show evidences, tapping the square button to thwart defenceless demons can be an addictive pastime. Consequentially, insider speculation suggests that developer Blizzard Entertainment may have to add a health warning to the next generation title’s box art. Are you willing to risk everything for a shot at acquiring that sweet, sweet loot? Show us your very best build in the comments section below.


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Bliquid said:

I think i'll stick to the PC version.
I loved it, and even if i saw and felt what the vocal internet was against [which sums up with: Auction House (legit complaint), always online requirement (legit complaint), it's not Diablo 2 ( dumbest complaint EVER)], i find myself more comfortable with the mouse+keyboard combo for playing it.
But hey, for people who don't have their nose stuck up their aces, Diablo 3 is a GREAT game that every PS3/4 sholud own.
And yes, it can be mildly addictive...



Shellybird27 said:

Ill definitely try it out for PS4, never played a Diablo game, looking forward to it.



Chris1975 said:

Played the ps3 demo n wasn't hugely impressed, just run hack n slash, upgrade equipment n run hack n slash. Yawn!!!



Splat said:

This reminds me I have been meaning to play through D3 on PS3 again. All these ports of games I all ready have on PS3 make me feel better about not having a PS4.



rjejr said:

All I can think is - the sooner this comes out on PS4, the sooner the price drops on PS3, or it goes "free" on PS+. Was tempted seeing Tomb Raider for $14.99 today in Target but I figured that would be up on PS+ in a few months, so I'll wait.



Tasuki said:

I can't wait for this to come out on the PS4. I have both the PC and the Xbox 360 version and prefer the console so much more. It just feels better with a controller.



Gamer83 said:

I'm very tempted to pre-order this game, never played the series before but I've heard good things.



Bad-MuthaAdebisi said:

Looking forward to the port to ps4. Never played the series either but everything ive seen looks pretty decent.



banacheck said:

I wonder if the PS3 will get Reaper of Souls expansion pack? I'm 100% buying it again for my PS4, anyone know if it's got a release date yet for the PS4?



Kohaku said:


I don't think that you have played this allready on your PS3 because the release is march 25th 2014



rastamadeus said:

@Kohaku It came out in September 2013.

@banacheck No release date yet. I'm waiting to see the release date and price for the Reaper Of Souls DLC on PS3 before deciding what I do. If it's as expensive as the PC one then I may as well just buy the game again (with DLC built in) on PS4.



Kohaku said:


I know. But the fact is that Diablo 3 for the PS4 is not a port from the PS3. Unless you allready played the expansion what will be released in march 2014 on your PS3.



Tasuki said:

@Kohaku: I think you are a bit confused. Diablo III without the RoS expansion came out in September of last year, Splat was referring to that one.

@banacheck: If anything I think they will release RoS as DLC for the PS3.



rastamadeus said:

@Kohaku I don't know what you're going on about - @Splat said he had been meaning to play through Diablo 3 again. He never mentioned playing the unreleased DLC.



hYdeks said:

i'm forever playing diablo 3 on my ps3, so when I get a PS4, I'll get this! Can't wait to play Reaper of Souls expansion, I want to play as the crusader ^-^



charlesnarles said:

Damn it I should've waited for the 4 port, but the digital version plays well on 3 (not super pretty tho). I'd pay another $60 to have it and the DLC look good. Too bad they're not offering an upgrade program : (



Sutorcen said:

The PS3 version is the Best D3 version imho. The burning question is will our saves carry over and will we get a discount for upgrading?



Sambin said:

I don't understand why some people fear playing this on a console. I absolute loved Diablo I on the original Playstation. Definitely looking forward to this.



hYdeks said:

@Sutorcen they confirmed that your ps3 save will be able to transfer to the ps4 game, as for the discount you mention, I hope so too, but nothing yet



Ginkgo said:

Played the ps3 demo. Very old school hack and slash. Not my sort of game.

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