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Who Would Win Wednesdays: Wei Shen vs. Kazuma Kiryu

Posted by Robert Ramsey

Round five

After last week's Who Would Win Wednesdays saw Kratos absolutely devastate Dante by the feature's biggest margin of victory yet, we thought that it would be best to reel in the fighters somewhat and have ourselves a duel between two mortals. As always, we'll provide a helpful dollop of information regarding the combatants, a poll where you'll vote for your winner, and then we'll let you loose in the comments section where you can plead your case for some of the greatest warriors that PlayStation has to offer.

Wei Shen

When he's not searching for unopened lockboxes and driving around the streets of Hong Kong like a madman in Sleeping Dogs, Wei Shen can usually be found kicking the snot out of punk kids, triads, and even pork bun salesmen. In order to keep up appearances while he's commuting with gangsters as part of an undercover cop assignment, this often hilariously-dressed martial artist is forced to mix traditional kung fu with down-and-dirty street fighting techniques, which include jamming foes into phone booths, slamming enemy's heads into car doors, and throwing opponents into baths full of electric eels. Taking on entire violent gangs by himself, it's clear that Wei isn't someone that you want to mess with, especially when his Face Meter is full and he's in rampage mode, where he shrugs off even the heftiest blows.

Kazuma Kiryu

Nicknamed 'The Dragon of Dojima', the Yakuza series' main protagonist and Push Square's biggest man-crush is probably just about as powerful as a normal person could hope to be. On the neon-lit streets of Kamurocho, Kazuma Kiryu is essentially a garbage man taking out the trash known as humanity. He can hardly walk twenty steps without being set upon by a group of rowdy gang members, and it's here that we see his martial prowess, as he uses the surrounding environment to deal out some brutal punishment. He's beaten up the deadliest yakuza bosses and greatest underground international fighting champions, yet he still finds the time to manage an orphanage and woo local hostesses. Kazuma is a warrior with ideals, and he simply won't back down from brawling for his beliefs.

In this battle of moves that rely heavily on the word 'dragon', who would come out on top? Is Kazuma's experience enough to get the better of the hot-headed Wei Shen? Vote for your winner in our poll, and tell us how you think that the battle would unfold in the comments section below.

Who do you think would win this Wednesday? (26 votes)

Wei Shen


Kazuma Kiryu


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User Comments (31)



Bliquid said:

I was promised an underwear throwing material for this fight, but you'll get only my camisole, Pushsquare.
Oh, and of course Kazuma would win this one.
By inches probably, but the Dragon of Dojima's samurai-like sturdiness and discipline would prevail in the end.



get2sammyb said:

I feel about sorry for Wei Shen in this contest, to be honest. Kazuma Kiryu may just want a peaceful life eating curry by the sea, but we all know that he'd utterly destroy Wei Shen should he even look at him in the wrong way.



Splat said:

I'm not saying he would definitely win but I think you guys are underestimating what a badass Wei Shen is.



eliotgballade said:

not familiar with either character , but shen looks tough in his damart vest ,
whereas kiryu looks like he's having a ciggie break (waaay uncool !)
so my votes for wei shen



3rdEyeMind said:

This is the most one-way battle i have seen yet lol

Kazuma is so tough, he's actually a worthy contender for the "toughest game character ever" award. Up there with the likes of Snake for me.

Absolutely no competition here.



Madd_Hatter401 said:

I love sleeping dogs..But come on this isnt close, Kaz handsfriggin down! I could see if you have never played yakuza and have no understanding of just how bad arse Kazzie is.. but if you habe played it and you voted for Wei you are out of your mind bat crap crazy.



ShogunRok said:

How come the majority of the comments are always for the losing character? Is there some sort of agenda at work here? Last week most people were banging on about how Dante would destroy Kratos, and he ended up losing by the biggest margin of victory we've had in WWWW.



ztpayne7 said:

I had to vote for Wei Shen, mostly because I've never played a yazuka. Maybe it would be good to show a video of the characters doing something BA for those unfamiliar with the two?



Splat said:

@ShogunRok - I think people are looking at the results of the poll and if "their" pick is winning they don't bother to comment. Now if "their" pick isn't winning they have to let it be known that everyone voting is wrong.



Epic said:

Wei Shen, anyone that has played Sleeping Dogs knows what this badass monster is capable off and lets not forget his amazing talent of owning everyone at the kaeroke.



ShogunRok said:

Hey, I probably shouldn't comment on who's winning since I wrote the article, but...

What is wrong with you people?! I like Wei Shen as much as the next gamer, but it's KAZUMA KIRYU! How can he possibly lose?!



Splat said:

When are we going to get some girl on girl action? People love a cat fight.



Bliquid said:

@ShogunRok : i'd love to have the chance to vote for Juliet Starling.
Anyway, nevermind the poll, Kazuma would win this, guys.



Madd_Hatter401 said:

This is madness!!! Just absolute MADNESS!!! What we have here is a large portion of the community that has never played Yakuza, hence the reason for the tally being WRONG.



ztpayne7 said:

@ShogunRok absolutely what it is. If it's as big of a margin as you guys say, it's the difference of ps+ vs obscure title. What would be a good entry into the series?



ShogunRok said:

@ztpayne7 Yakuza 3 is a great place to start, unless you're willing to import the HD collection or hunt down copies of the first and second games on PS2.



Fire-and-Water said:

Wei Shen and Kiryu. have similar physical attributes, the main difference is age. Which really hasn't slowed down Kazuma one bit.

Both Wei Shen and Kiryu have a very similar fighting style as well, Wei Shen being more sophisticated and acrobatic (Wing Chun, Thai boxing, etc). Kiryu on the other hand has a wild unsophisticated style which isn't as acrobatic but incorporates many martial arts. Judo, pro wrestling, kickboxing, Komaki techniques. Both have a varied style, even share an almost identical rush combo. Both use the environment to execute brutal moves. Both are also savvy with weaponry.

Wei Shen may have the edge in fundamental martial arts, but Kiryu compensates for it with physical strength and agility, easily tossing heavier opponents around mid-combo, or doing a hurricanrana while being drunk. Kiryu is more of a weapons expert as well, handling nunchukus, taiko sticks, katanas, hammers, staffs, and short swords with ease.

The winner: Kazuma Kiryu. Easily. Kazuma has defeated many fighters with a style that resembles Wei Shen. The age difference actually benefits Kiryu. Wei Shen was never truly challenged the same way as Kiryu. Defeating two tigers in Yakuza 2, beating up bulls in Yakuza 3, and martial artists of a high caliber in underground fighting death matches. Fighting the Triad and the Yakuza, politicians with a military team, Kazuma had some messed up fights.

In conclusion, Wei Shen is most likely going to win, but only because people are more familiar with him than Kazuma Kiryu.



3rdEyeMind said:


That's exactly it.
Sleeping Dogs is more mainstream.

If you have played Yakuza then you automatically know that Kazuma is one of the greatest characters ever in gaming and definitely one of the toughest of all time.

Wei is a moment-character. He was not memorable and was also heavily influenced by Kazuma. He is quite the typical western character design.

It's just an absolute shame that not enough people have played one of Sony's greatest ever exclusives, Yakuza.

I hope Sony put one of them as a PS+ instant game one day.

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