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Who Would Win Wednesdays: Dante vs. Kratos

Posted by Robert Ramsey

Round four

Well, well, well, if it isn't another round of Who Would Win Wednesdays. Time flies when you're busy imagining fictional video game characters kicking the stuffing out of each other, as proven by the fact that the mighty brawl between Lu Bu and Ezio Auditore da Firenze took place a whole week ago. Everyone's favourite cunning Italian Assassin came out on top in our last showdown, but which famous warrior will whip up the most votes this time around? Take a look at the handy chunks of information regarding each combatant that we've provided below, and then get ready to duke it out in our poll. Let the battle commence.


With or without his silvery locks, Dante is one hell of a tough customer – but for the sake of avoiding internal conflict, we should make it clear that this particular match-up has the traditional character in mind. Having faced off against countless demons and other undesirables, this horror-hunter-for-hire has bundles of experience and bucket loads of skill to back up his eternally cocky attitude. He can juggle enemies like your favourite Tekken character with his trademark dual pistols, cut foes to ribbons with the broadsword Rebellion, and can even shred opponents to pieces with a demonic electric guitar. As if his offensive prowess wasn't enough, he's also terribly resistant to being skewered right through the chest, as one of Devil May Cry 4's first cutscenes testifies.


Experienced in both utter despair and total destruction, God of War's Kratos is easily one of the most fearsome fighters to ever grace a Sony console. Whether he's laying waste to Titans or ripping the heads off Greek Gods, this Spartan warrior's fury knows no bounds, and he has all the necessary skills to make his rage a reality. Wielding the iconic Blades of Athena, gaming's angriest man-God is often an unstoppable whirlwind of might, blending whole armies into a fine red paste. When he's not spinning around like a psychotic ballerina, he's making use of numerous legendary weapons like the weighty Blade of Artemis, and to top it off, the bald betrayer also likes blasting foes to bits with various magical abilities, which makes him a threat from almost any range.

In this battle of rather epic proportions, who would come away in one piece? Would bald man Kratos envy Dante's swell hairdo? Vote for your winner in our poll, and tell us how you think that the battle would unfold in the comments section below.

Who do you think would win this Wednesday? (60 votes)





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User Comments (52)



get2sammyb said:

Kratos has slaughtered titans the size of mountains. There's no contest who'd win here.




Jairo_MC said:

Dante all the way. His moveset is a lot more varied, so he could aproach the fight with Kratos from different angles and do everything to take advantage. He is also a lot cooler than Kratos will ever be and fought a lot of different demons. Also he doesn't lose all of his powers at the beggining of every game.



Bliquid said:

I like Dante and, YES, i like the nu Dante as well.
On the other side, i never liked Kratos very much, as he has the psychological depth of a puddle and an artistic design that i never got into (to me he doesn't look badass, just an idiot biker in shorts).
I also prefer way more DmC series to GoW series ( they bored me. Amazing, i know).
That said, there is no story here, Kratos would kick Dante, Vergil, Lady, Trish and Mundus in the same fight.



InsertNameHere said:

Kratos is far more experienced and has a wider variety of weapons at his disposal, Dante wouldn't stand a snowballs chance in hell against the Ghost of Sparta - Not to mention that Kratos has a bigger moveset than Dante.

Dante's enemies also can't compare to enemies like Kronos or Aegeon, Kratos could kill everyone in the DMC universe with his eyes closed.

@JMC Dante is about as cool as a wet paperbag and he can't think of a witty one-liner to save his life.



Scollurio said:

Why not create a game in AllStars with 2 AI fighters, one kratos, one dante and let them duke it out?



WickedKnightAl said:

Most people voting for Kratos likely either haven't haven't played a DMC, or didn't play it very well.



Superconsole said:

Dante's used to taking down big guys, no problem. As @JMC says, he's got a varied skill-set.

AND new Dante is pretty hot... Sooo...



Bliquid said:

I'm starting to think this should be titled "who would you sleep with on wednesdays".
In that case, i'd change my vote to Dante, as i'm sure Kratos smells funny...



ShogunRok said:

@Bliquid Wait until you see next week's battle. Female fans will be throwing their underwear at the screen.

(DISCLAIMER: Possible exaggeration)



Kayoss said:

Last i checked, Kratos was running around killing every single god that he encountered. He curb stomped Zeus himself. I dont know dude, but Dante might be in trouble. Maybe thats why for the new DMC game, he changed up his look so that Kratos wont find him.



KAPADO said:

Come on guys this is ridiculous this if not a matchup... Kratos killed God's.Dante "Will not see the end of this day"



KAPADO said:

@Bliquid Yes someone that knows how to distinguish that just because someone is your favorite, it does not make him the best.



Jairo_MC said:

Well, Kratos killed gods but Dante killed demons.
Even new Dante could win against Kratos as his skill set becomes even more varied and he has the power of demons AND angels.
Kratos is a lot more muscular, for sure, but Dante is a lot more nimble and has more speed, so even if it would take longer, Dante would win.



Splat said:

Dante might be faster but Kratos would only have to get a hold of Dante once. Then he would break him in half.



darkhairwarrior said:

Dante is not affected by pain, has much better reflexes, and is a whole lot quicker than Kratos. Kratos may be able to climb Gods and kill them by stabbing their eyes out, but Dante would cut them in half.



Jairo_MC said:

The problem is Kratos getting a hold of Dante as he could dodge any of his attacks. And even if he did, Dante would only need to draw a gun and shoot Kratos in the face.



ComicBookGuy said:

This is like the bear vs lion debate...where Kratos is a LionBearSnakeDragon and Dante is a hamster.



tabris95 said:

I Would say that Dante Vs. Bayonetta would be a better match up but I think they would just end up sleeping together, with Bayonetta giving Dante a fake number afterwards. Lol



-CraZed- said:

@tabris95 Agree two demure characters would be more even. Dante isn't even in the same league of who's-more-badass as Kratos. Dante is great if you have a few demons to kill. But fill up the screen with demons (many of the low level enemies in any GoW are more or less demons) and throw in a whole bunch of Gods and Titans and you need a Kratos. Not even close in my book.



GraveLordXD said:

You can't bring a knife to a gun fight and expect to win kratos can't dodge a bullet he probably don't even know what one is



gr8apeb8 said:

Kratos killed gods and titans.
Dante killed demons.
A home exorcism kit from e-bay could do what Dante does.



lilstack said:

Lets be foreal here. They are both pretty badass so it hard to say. Dante doesn't have a speed advantage bc kratos has Hermes shoes so they are matched in speed. They both basically kill the same entities, Gods/Devils. So they have the same strength cuz they kill the same ppl. Both use swords and projectiles. Dante has demon mode, Kratos has rage of titans/gods. The only advantage here tht gives the slightest chance of victory is the healing factor Dante has when going demon mode. So if you threw tht in Dante has the only advantage unless there are green chest around lol.



ThreadShadow said:

I've only played a demo of these guys, and I'm not very interested in either character or series, but from what I've seen and read I can honestly say I have no strong feelings one way or the other.



iSillyBoiJudas said:

Before even reading I scrolled to the voting part & clicked Kratos. Dante seriously has no chance. Kratos defeated the god of gods of olympus.

PSN: iSIllyBoi Judas



JustinX said:

i like them both but one of their differences is dante cant die but kratos does



Beaston61 said:

Pffft.... Dante is a mere weakling in comparison! He couldn't take on Audley Harrison! - And why would Kratos care about a buttet! He would walk straght through them and rip out Dante's gullet!
Regarding his appeareance, who are we to talk?! Instead lets go ask all the Greek babes that can't walk
Dante may have good intentions, but he couldn't even see through Trish's disguise. His lack of intelligence will lead to his demise.
Sack boy would of been more of a fairer match up!



SuperSilverback said:

Devil May Cry? More like Kratos may cry once Dante kicks his ass.

Im not even sorry for that awful joke



ShogunRok said:

We've never had a more one sided vote in WWWW yet. Kratos has won by an absolute mile.



godofnick said:

Kratos would annihilate Dante, this is the first thread I haven't seen a bunch of DMC fanboys in! Lmao

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