While it’s slowly becoming more readily available, it’s still something of a challenge to track down a PlayStation 4 in the UK. As a result, we assumed that it would be a long time before we started hearing about discounted hardware. However, the online arm of GameStop UK has decided to get in on the action early, slashing the cost of Sony’s next-gen console by a sizeable sum.

Pick up one of the burly black boxes from the website, and you’ll only need to pay £329.97, which is considerably cheaper than the usual £349.99 asking price. The unit doesn’t come with any bundled extras, though you can add a copy of Skylanders: Swap Force for an additional £39.97 if you like. We’d recommend against it.

It’ll be interesting to see whether other retailers attempt to match this price. Amazon UK almost always copies any online offers, but it doesn’t appear to have any standalone next-gen devices to sell. Assuming that it catches on, though, would this small but noteworthy reduction convince you to pick up one of the fresh formats? Count your pennies in the comments section below.

[via gamestop.co.uk, eurogamer.net]