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Weirdness: This Is the Closest Thing to Pokémon Snap You're Getting on PS3

Posted by Sammy Barker

Sorry, this one ain't safe for work

Between the likes of Fatal Frame and Pokémon Snap, photography games used to be all the rage. Sadly, aspiring shutterbugs have had to make do with little other than Afrika in recent years, as the genre has really taken a dive in popularity on the PlayStation 3. That’s not stopping Japanese publisher Kadokawa Games from attempting to resurrect the format with More! SoniComi, though.

Starring fictional female model Super Sonico, the bizarre upcoming adventure sees you interacting with the heroine, before snapping all manner of ‘tasteful’ images of her wearing whatever you want. The full title will apparently feature over 1,000 costume options – many of which have less material than a single thread of cotton.

For the wannabe lensmen among you, the title will allow you to change focus, camera angle, and tweak the surrounding atmosphere to get the, er, perfect shot. The full package is due out on 20th March in the Land of the Rising Sun, and if you absolutely must buy it, we recommend keeping that little tidbit to yourself.


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AVahne said:

A sequel? Seems to have better graphics than the original PC game. Wonder if this is a PC release as well.



rastamadeus said:

@Sanquine You not have hair dye in Holland? (think you said your Ducth, if not I apologise, haha) Should see my misuses hair: oink, purple and navy blue. Sounds horrible like that but looks really good.



Sanquine said:

@rastamadeus Yes, we do have hair dye in Holland:p. I asked the misses once if she wanted to dye her hair in that colour... Got a big fat NO!

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