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Video: Watch As We Recap January's Best PlayStation Games

Posted by Ben Potter

What a Lara rubbish

January may have been sleepier than a kitten on a warm blanket, but our slender production budget just about stretched to another ‘Game of the Month’ clip – primarily because this video editor is being paid purely with hugs and hot milk. Alright, so it’s not bulging with blockbusters like previous episodes, but you should still give this recap a watch. Also, subscribe to our YouTube page – there’s a Maryland Cookie in it for you.

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Edwin_Garcia said:

Have some respect for the Saiyan Race... or as you like to call him, pointy hair man.



naruball said:

And with this video Ben became my favourite push square staff member. That was seriously funny and insanely entertaining. Looking forward to the next one. I might even go back and watch the rest of the videos he's made.
Sammy, you need to step your game up. You got proper competition now.



ShogunRok said:

Yeah your knowledge of all things Dragon Ball is pretty sickening, Ben. You cheeky monkey.

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