Throughout the previous generation, it was extremely rare for the PlayStation 3 versions of multiplatform games to sell best in the UK. Make no mistake, franchises such as Call of Duty and FIFA would almost always chart, but they’d struggle to outsell their infinitely more popular Xbox 360 counterparts. The platform holder previously cited its intention to change this with the PlayStation 4 – and it’s already off to a stellar start.

Chart-Track data shows that 69 per cent of the recently released Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition’s sales came from the PS4 iteration, meaning that it outsold its Xbox One counterpart by more than double. A lot of this success can perhaps be attributed to the device’s early achievements in the region, but we daresay that the reports regarding the game’s superior performance on Sony’s system had a hand in the numbers, too.

It’s far too early to make any assumptions about these statistics just yet, but we daresay that the Japanese giant will be delighted to see the tide starting to change. Nevertheless, it’ll need to keep working hard if it intends to keep its nose in front, as we doubt that the Redmond-based firm is going to sit back and let its competitor reclaim one if its strongest territories. Are you surprised by just how popular the PS4 is proving in Britain? Inspect the numbers in the comments section below.