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This Is What Streaming Killzone 3 Looks Like Using PlayStation Now

Posted by Kell Andersen

Looking good

It was recently revealed that a select group of fans were invited into an exclusive beta test for Sony's new streaming service, PlayStation Now. And while those lucky users are playing the proposed list of test games to their heart's content, the rest of us are left twiddling our thumbs until the service launches fully. Help is on its way, though, as an avid and incredibly brave fan has posted a revealing video demonstrating the platform holder's broadcasting functionality.

YouTube user Matthew Jones has risked life and limb to share footage of the entire process that you'd have to go through to play Killzone 3 using PlayStation Now, and we're liking what we see. The shooter takes approximately two minutes to boot up, and then runs at an impressively smooth rate for the remainder of the clip, with no blatant examples of game breaking lag. We've got our fingers firmly crossed that the long initial loading time can mostly be blamed on the fact that this is the service's first test out in the wild.

With all of that said, however, there really aren't enough details to use this footage as a proper litmus test for the entire system, as we don't know Jones' connection speed or Internet provider. However, that's certainly not going to stop us from watching on in wide-eyed wonder. What do you make of this impressive clip? Has this sold you on the concept of cloud streaming? Leak your thoughts into the comments section below.


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Dodoo said:

Looks good though it's hard to tell the lag (if any?) between the users input and when that takes place on the screen, which is my only concern.

Loading times don't bother me, after all I have a Wii U and that takes about 20 minutes to load the settings screen! lol



Cowboysfan-22 said:

It did seem to take a little while to test the connection and load the game, but considering its in beta it wasn't too bad. I'm excited about trying this.



goonow said:

This video screams lag issues to me. Look at how he walks into the walls and tries to walk as straight as possible. His movements seem unusually slow and cautious. It does not look fun. Watch a video of someone playing that part on youtube. You will see a big difference in how quick and deliberate their movements are.



Bad-MuthaAdebisi said:

Doesn't tell me us much at all but it does at least show its up and running to a decent level in the beta testing. Long way to go I would imagine.



Carl-G said:

Apart from the normal tedious loading times(will we ever get in the future games that load up instantly, that is what i want in the future no loading times somehow) this could be MEGA-COOL on the PS4 (+ why didn't SONY do a PS Now to PS4 Beta? That would have been more exciting than streaming PS3 games to the (hmm) PS3)
Looks COOL tho & looks like it could make the PS4 the only console to own for all the past PS games(still would of liked FULL PS games B/C tho on the PS4 for all my PS1/2&3 discs, oh well)



thebudds said:

@Dodoo also if my stupid router didn't switch itself to nat3 after being nat2 for so long. It would have been faster.

Testing your connection first allows playstation now to handle whatever problems might end up thrown in your way that your network might give.

So... Better internet (even a proper 5 down and 1 up is fine) equals faster time that message disappears.



thebudds said:

@Carl-G considering your streaming a game at full resolution and full frame rate... How is the loading, tedious?

Also, this test is for stability which they pretty much already got locked down. You will not be dissapointed.



irken004 said:

@goonow It's funny they chose this as a game to test because Killzone is famous for it's tank-like movement speeds. As far as I could tell there was no real lag, the game's just like that.



DoublezZ01 said:

Sweetness. .. I'm impressed that is this fat ahead already! !! Bravo Sony. .. but if there's still things to do by the launch day by all means take your time and postpone it till u guys truly feels is ready! !! I am all for patients! !! 2 of my favorite Gundam games are out in another country yet I have to wait 1 week for 1 and 6 months for another. There's has Elkhart up but I'm song my best not to watch anymore as that would be a big hype killer for when they arrive! !!

but anyway back to the point by all means take your time Sony!



RaymanFan2 said:

Remind me... he's not supposed to post that video, right? He must have agreed to some ToS or something...?

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