We’re divided over the Metal Gear Solid 5: Ground Zeroes special edition PlayStation 4. While one half of Push Square towers reckons that its understated design makes it prime import fodder, the other half thinks that it all looks a touch cheap. Personally, this editor prefers Sony’s alternative Yakuza Ishin option.

We should stress that the platform holder isn’t planning to sell the pictured platform alongside SEGA’s upcoming sequel, but is instead giving away 100 customised hard-drive bays bearing the above artwork. To win the branded bit of plastic, you’ll need to enter a competition through here, and cross your fingers. Naturally, it’s all in Japanese.

With the shiny part of the PS4 easily replaceable, it’ll be interesting to see if the Japanese giant starts selling redesigned replacements in the future – or if an intrepid eBay entrepreneur muscles into the market. What are your thoughts on this custom device? Etch your opinion into the comments section below.

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