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The LEGO Movie Videogame May Be PS4's Most Colourful Release Yet

Posted by Sammy Barker

Construct the rainbow

Cinematic tie-ins are almost always awful, but The LEGO Movie Videogame has the potential to buck that trend. Based upon the same timeless gameplay format as LEGO Marvel Super Heroes and LEGO Batman 2, this fresh entry follows the plot of the brand new big screen blockbuster, and subsequently includes characters such as Batman as well as some newcomers from the film. The title’s, er, out now in North America.

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charlesnarles said:

Weird. I loved LEGOs as a kid, including LEGO Island, which I thought this might resemble. But the video didn't make it look like the current games either, so I wonder. Cool idea if it's sandbox or something. ...Although, I bet it would just make me wanna play with the real blocks.



GooRoo said:

We're about halfway through the story on the PS3. We're loving it so far, but it looks a bit washed out and dialogue is presented at a very low volume (it's almost impossible to hear Morgan Freeman's voice). Anyway, we ordered the PS4 version, too, because we had Best Buy certs to use and for the extra free ticket to go see the movie. Hope the PS4 version looks and sound a little better! As for the game, it's a ton of fun so far, though it appears to lack the scope of Lego Marvel or Lego Batman 2.



drumsandperc92 said:

i think we may actually see cartoony, pixar/dreamworks type animations on PS4/Xbone this generation that look nearly as good as the movies, if not the same by the end of this gen. Judging on the visuals from Knack and even more so from the few screenshots here from the LEGO movie game, we're really not far off.
Granted the movies keep looking better and better too, but real-time playable stuff is catching up! The screenshots from the LEGO game look almost as good as the movie (i've only seen the trailer)

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