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Team Ninja Stealthily Teases New Title for the PlayStation 4

Posted by Kell Andersen

Ryu expecting that?

Yaiba: Ninja Gaiden Z may just be the silliest game releasing in the near future; the title's ridiculous zombie ninja hybrid has us both puzzled and absolutely delighted. But if you were hoping that co-developer Team Ninja would also be cooking up something a little less ridiculous to balance this glaring goofiness, you may be in luck, as studio head Yosuke Hayashi has recently revealed that the team is currently developing a game for the PlayStation 4.

“First, we will release Yaiba: Ninja Gaiden Z for the PlayStation 3, which we joint developed with the [Mega Man creator Keiji] Inafune-led company Comcept,” Hayashi stated in an interview with Japanese outlet Dengeki Online. "Additionally, we’re also developing a PS4 title internally, so please look forward to future updates.”

At the moment, it remains unclear if the proposed title will be exclusive to the Japanese giant's next-gen marvel, or whether it'll leap onto other systems. What's more, it's entirely possible that the executive is simply referring to the new Ninja Gaiden game that was teased a couple of months back. Whatever the case, it's always nice to hear about more software coming to our beloved black box. What do you make of this sneaky announcement? Would you be excited for a new Ninja Gaiden sequel? Scream and shout in the comments section below.


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AaronYeager said:

Ninja Gaiden used to be my favorite game on PS3 but their losing me with all the modern day futuristic crap. I just wish they would take the series back to it's roots. No guns, no grenades, no machines, no robots, no soldiers, and no american big city setting. Just keep it all ninja with swords, spears, surikan, shinobi, temples,and of course demons, etc. The same can be said of Assassins Creed, the modern day story line just feels out of place to me with the actual game.

It's like these developers try to make the story lines so complex that it actually takes away the stuff the fans really like. A game like Ninja Gaiden you want to feel like your playing as a Ninja, but all the other crap that goes on makes it feel more like something else entirely. I think that's one of the reasons I used to love Onimusha so much, it never strayed from the path. That's just my opinion though, and that's why I'm not really excited about a new Ninja Gaiden game anymore. Hopefully I'm proven wrong.



Bad-MuthaAdebisi said:

A man and his old school ninja gubbins against zombie hordes would be good. I actually preferred red dead undead and I have yakuza undead in my backlog. I'm no zombie hater as long as it ain't trash.



mibtar said:

@Itachi correct me if i'm wrong, but I seem to think the futuristic thing goes all the way back to the NES. I do agree with you, I'd like it better old school. And Onimusha? I think it's long over due for a sequel.



AaronYeager said:

@mibtar Yeah I hear you, but what I'm trying to say is the best parts of the series is the non futuristic stuff. Take Ninja Gaiden Sigma 1 for example. I loved the way the game started out when you were taking on the black spider clan. Everything from the setting, the sword fighting, the mysterious demons, it was phenomenal. All the way till he went to New York as agent, that's when the story started to dip, but it bounced back in the end. I couldn't even continue playing Ninja Gaiden 3, it didn't even feel like Ninja Gaiden. Also i would love a new Onimusha and even the Revenge of Shinobi revamp I thought was pretty good as well.



banacheck said:

If it is Ninja Gaiden for God sake no multiplayer, in-put-lag and it's got to be 60FPS, otherwise don't make another Ninja Gaiden 3. But otherwise I'm looking forwards to seeing there new game.



rastamadeus said:

Dead Or Alive 5 Ultimate Arcade Edition Deluxe featuring one new character and stage and more ridiculously overpriced costumes. And I'll buy it. Again. Yes, I know it's not the best fighter but the rock-paper-scissors controls just addict me like my girlfriends cheesecake.



receboy said:

I wouldn't mind seeing another NG. But what I would like to see even more is another Tenchu game. I mean they just barfed up Tenchu Z and called it a day. but Ninja Gaiden is nice though. PS4 need some games.



Gamer83 said:

Going by recent trends it will be a port of either the putrid Ninja Gaiden 3 Razor's Edge or a port of the fun but entirely average DoA 5. I can't put into words how much I am anticipating this announcement.

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