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Soul Sacrifice Delta's Candy Probably Doesn't Taste Very Nice

Posted by Sammy Barker

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We’re partial to the odd office Jelly Baby from time to time, but remind us not to chew on any tasty treats while we’re playing PlayStation Vita re-release Soul Sacrifice Delta. As already announced, the updated title – which is due out imminently in Japan – will feature a handful of horrifying boss battles based on characters from Grimm’s famous fairy tales. The twist with Hansel & Gretel, however, is that they’ll be made out of candy.

In the original story, the intrepid twosome happen upon a sorceress’ house made of sweets. Alas, in this new interpretation, the couple are abandoned after a famine, and meet their grisly fate when they make a wish for food while alone and starving. It’s nice to know that the platform holder hasn’t toned down the property’s utterly depressing plot in its transition to children’s tales. Are you looking for something a little more sugary to fill your time? Rot your teeth in the comments section below.


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Volmun said:

@Bliquid yeah a date would be nice... - this looks like a fun boss. Im lookingforward to this as i really liked the 1st



Gemuarto said:

I wish they dump that refill magic by sacrificing system. It works, but not very good, and mostly, it feels annoying, if you ask me. Or why not let people to refill magic with potions or something. They really need to think hard with SS2. It is boring to kill minions all the time, makes battles more repetitive.

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