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Sniper Elite 3 Will Allow You to Rearrange Circulatory Systems on PS4

Posted by Sammy Barker

Emergency surgery

For as unashamedly goofy as it may be, there’s something entertaining about the Sniper Elite series’ ostentatious X-ray killcams. The previous entry in the long-range escapade allowed you to observe in intricate detail the damage that your bullets inflicted on your adversaries – and unsurprisingly, the upcoming Sniper Elite 3 will bring a brand new level of horrific fidelity to the franchise.

In addition to focusing on splintered bones and obliterated, er, private parts, the PlayStation 4 follow-up will render in obsessive detail the muscle mass and circulatory systems of your opponents, meaning that you’ll be able to watch their veins rupture and biceps tear as you pump projectiles into their tender torsos. It all sounds delightful, doesn’t it?

To be fair, judging by this gameplay footage procured by our friends over at VG247, it still looks as silly as ever, despite the added visual features. This is perhaps accentuated by the fact that vehicles are now equipped with "killcams" too, meaning that you’ll be able to observe as your bullets crunch through machinery in slow motion, culminating in some sublime cinematic explosions.

The title’s set to deploy later this year, and will continue the narrative of protagonist Karl Fairburne. However, rather than repurpose the urban environments of previous entries, it will whisk you away to the sun-soaked climes of Africa, where you’ll need to sneak through larger locations picking off your prey.

Other tweaks such as an improved sound masking mechanic – you’ll be able to sabotage generators to create makeshift cover for your bullets – and an overarching experience points system aim to aid the release in its shot at next-gen stardom. Do you think that the title sounds on target, or are you finding its over-the-top brutality a real misfire? Look down your scope at the comments section below.



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charlesnarles said:

Underrated series if you ask me. Didn't ever really think V2 felt silly, even with the occasional ball-shot. WWII-buff-hood helps maintain interest, I'm sure, as I can't wait to watch my bullets tear through Rommel's Africa Corps. PS4 will make it amazing



Paranoimia said:

Would be a must-buy for me had it been in a modern setting. Yet another WW2 game means a no buy for me.

I tried the demo of V2 and enjoyed the mechanics, but passed on it for that very reason and waited for Ghost Warrior 2, but that was shi... umm, a bit naff, so I didn't get that either.

A shame, then. I'd love a decent sniper game with a modern setting and weapons. There's a definite gap in the market.

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