Finally, after almost three years, South Park: The Stick of Truth is ready to be released. The game's not had the best time since its announcement back in 2011. Developer Obsidian – a veteran when it comes to RPGs – has faced design delays and redundancies, as well as original publisher THQ going bankrupt. And all of this had left us starting to wonder if the tie-in was just a really cruel fantasy.

However, following the news that the title has gone gold, we've now been treated to the first 13 minutes of gameplay. The introduction shows you – the new kid – settling into South Park and making friends, as well as learning about the conflict between the drow elves and humans for the all powerful artifact known as the Stick of Truth. It's remarkable how much the release looks like an actual episode of the legendary show, and, with the cartoon's usual razor sharp wit and edginess on display, no one is safe from Cartman's quips and insults. We're incredibly excited to explore the town with the boys, and can't wait to hone our swordplay and fart skills.