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Resogun Developer's Dead Nation: Apocalypse Edition Fires onto PS4 Next Week

Posted by Sammy Barker

Free for PlayStation Plus subscribers

As already heavily rumoured, Housemarque is reloading undead-‘em-up Dead Nation for the PlayStation 4. Dubbed the ‘Apocalypse Edition’, the re-release will boast a number of improvements over the original PlayStation 3 version, including enhanced broadcasting capabilities and an extra layer of visual sheen.

The graphical tweaks will see improved textures, rendering, and new effects added to the game – all of which will run in crystal clear 1080p, of course. It will also launch with the ‘Road to Devastation’ expansion pack available as standard, providing you with access to two new arcade inspired gameplay modes, allowing you to test yourself against increasingly unfair odds.

However, the developer’s not stopping there. A nifty Challenge mode will allow you to compare your performance to friends and family, upping the ante in each individual stage. And if that’s not social enough, then a nifty streaming feature will allow onlookers to impact the difficulty of your game – and will see viewers appear as named zombies as you play.

The title will set you back $14.99 from the PlayStation Store, but it will be available for free with PlayStation Plus starting next week. Oh, and there’ll be a smartphone app that you can download, allowing you to keep track of all of your stats. Sound good? Check out the debut trailer in the space below, and pepper us with your thoughts in the comments section.


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ShogunRok said:

Didn't play it the first time around so I'm actually pretty excited to give this a go.



Tasuki said:

From the looks of it it reminds me of Smash TV but with zombies.



Weskerb said:

@Tasuki You got it. They also gave this game away for free after the anonymous hack so it's kind of a bum deal.



Munkyknuts said:

I got it free after the hacking incident...played it over and over again. I think dismissing it as just a twin stick shooter is selling it a little short. It won't rock your world but it has a lot of nice touches and does a good job of making feel like you're up against a zombie horde...and worse.



Bliquid said:

I tried to come up witha way to tell you all how great and addictive is this game, but you'll try and see. It's way more than just another TSS. Housemarque doesn't disappoint, i had before the hacks freebies and i still think it's worth the price and then some.
In fact, i'll buy the Vita version as soon as it touches the store shores, even though i played hundreds of hours on PS3.



Jaz007 said:

This will be the only PS4 free for the month then? I'm personally dissapointed.



Shaolin said:

Dead Nation on PS3 is my favourite downloadable PSN game of all time! I would have been really happy to see the much sought after sequel instead of this rehash for PS4. Having said that, it's possible that Housemarque are building up demand for a possible sequel by releasing this first. One can only hope eh?

@ztpayne7 @artemisthemp it has local and online coop for 2 players. Both players each control a character on the screen but because they're both on the same screen they can't go too far from one another. The game is the same whether you play locally or online, the only difference is that online can sometimes be a little bit laggy but I've only noticed that to be a problem if your partner is on the other side of the world.



odd69 said:

I own the original Dead Nation, Glad this is free, didnt want another game with just a fresher paint of coat

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