At a recent press event, Sony revealed that almost half of all purchases on the PlayStation Vita are digital. SCEA executive John Koller released the snippet, stating that 48 per cent of the handheld's games are purchased through the PlayStation Store. Although he didn't reveal the same figures for the PlayStation 4, the suit did say that the system's vaunted 'PlayGo' feature was boosting online sales.

"We set out to solve a bigger problem in the industry which we think is immediacy," he said. "It has taken a long time to get into digital games because you have to sit there and wait for a download. Gaming culture is usually not willing to wait. PlayGo was really instituted as a feature to solve that, and in many ways we're seeing the rise in digital sales, I think, as a result of the fact that play-as-you-download is really taking hold."

Koller continued that December was "the best sales month that we've ever had on the Sony Entertainment Network". While we prefer physical copies for most games, have you decided to go all-digital yet? Clear out your shelf space in the comments section below.