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PS Vita Version of Dead Nation Not Decaying Due to PS4 Port

Posted by Sammy Barker

Dead good news

It may not be officially announced yet, but it seems almost certain that Sony is reanimating dual joystick shooter Dead Nation for the PlayStation 4. Overnight, the platform holder listed an enhanced version of the popular undead-‘em-up on the Asian iteration of the PlayStation Blog, leaving many to ponder when we may find out more about the next-gen port.

Acknowledging the demands for additional details, Housemarque fired an open response onto its Twitter page, stressing that it’ll have “all of the answers that you want” over the coming days. Unsurprisingly, this led to even more interrogation from eager fans, with one user asking if the so-called ‘Apocalypse Edition’ of the arcade escapade had resulted in the cancellation of the previously announced PlayStation Vita port. “No,” responded a talkative studio spokesperson.

The handheld release was originally revealed at E3 last year, but the platform holder has failed to mention anything about the pocketable conversion in the months since. We suspect that much like thatgamecompany favourites Flower and Flow, the portable version will release alongside its upgraded console counterpart, but that’s purely speculation on our part.

Of course, you could argue that with Remote Play the native version may be redundant, but we suppose that it will come in handy for those who simply need to dismantle dead bodies when they don’t even have a Wi-Fi connection. Are you desperate to return to the rotten districts of Dead Nation? Dance on our decapitated remains in the comments section below.


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Punished_Boss_84 said:

It would be funny if the PS4 version was announced and released first ahead of the Vita version which was announced first. It would really continually show where their priorities lie.



Ps4all said:

Remote play doesn't replace native vita games. Even with 30mbps WiFi on both ends it lags and freezes. I hope that is not Sony's new view that they can pass on vita ports due to remote play.



Punished_Boss_84 said:

@lvnlavitaloca It is their view, that sticker on the Vita Slim solidifies that and their stance regarding this has been more present than speaking about native vita games and its funny at times.



italodance said:

@Ivnlavitaloca Totally agree with you and we don't want neither remote player nor teamviewer for our vita,I want to play games everywhere not only via internet or front of PS devices I even dont have other PS console.

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