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PS4 Firmware Update 1.60 Adds Pulse Headset Support and More Tomorrow

Posted by Sammy Barker

The console that keeps giving

It feels like an eternity since the last PlayStation 4 firmware update, but you’ll want to leave your format in standby overnight as the platform holder has confirmed that system software v1.60 is set to launch within the next 24 hours. According to European community manager Chris Owen – and now confirmed by the PlayStation Blog – the patch will implement support for Sony’s own Pulse Headset, as well as general stability improvements and the ability to mute the PlayStation Camera.

Previously, the next-gen console would broadcast your private conversations to entire multiplayer lobbies if you had it plugged in, so the option to prevent that should come as welcome news to those that have the enhanced EyeToy hooked up. It’s compatibility with the excellent Pulse cans that will probably be most appreciated, though, as this has been one of the most demanded features since the system’s launch.

Remember, your console will automatically download the patch if you leave it in standby, meaning that you won’t lose any gaming time when you next switch your system on. For more information on how to enable background downloads, point your peepers at our guide through here. Are you excited for this update? What would you like to see added to the format next? Put a plaster on your platform in the comments section below.


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Ps4all said:

@get2sammyb I was actually going to wait for this patch to come to play outlast. That game looks super spooky, and surround sound will make it all the more terrifying. I can't wait.



Chris1975 said:

I know it's off topic but with the release of Walking Dead Episode 2 being released shortly for ps3 is there any news at all of it coming to ps4. I loved that series and to not get the chance to play it on the ps4 is a killer



Chris1975 said:

Cheers Sammy, yeah I would be surprised too but with all that Tell Tale Games has on their plate you just never know.



ztpayne7 said:

Is this us too or just eu? I was excited and accidentally woke my wife up. We have a snow day today!



FullbringIchigo said:

I hope this update also sorts out the blu-ray problem too (you know where if put a blu-ray movie/show in and all you get is a black screen and then it crashes your system)



Dub-Focus said:

Hopefully the option to have a the Sony Earbud+Mic plugged into the Pad AND have the partychat Audio come out of the speakers at the same time!



Carl-G said:

My wants are -
MP3 playback(+CD playback, yep i am still old-skool) (MP3 playback for all games to)

  • Video playback of your downloaded videos
  • DLNA support(like PS3 has)
  • Pause/Off & On/Resume Game
  • Folders for your games i.e i can make a folder for Demos etc etc
  • Save Gaming Videos to YouTube
  • YouTube APP
  • PS4 Remote Control(or a APP Via your SmartPhone as a Remote Control)
  • Hopefully this will be a Monthly(don't laugh) thing from now on i.e each Month we could get some of those features above, i live in hope


Sutorcen said:

@Carl-G And not to forget...

Download Management.
Captured Videos Export to a flash drive.
Home Screen background change.
Use of the menu with the touch pad.



FrankMagnt said:

My PS4 can't play DVD or blu-rays while its charging my phone. I really hope this fixes that.



rastamadeus said:

Will have to turn the ps4 on for the second time this year tonight then. At the moment it's just a very large paperweight.



Sanquine said:

@Shellybird27 Maybe he does want it! But there are not any games for his taste right now ? ( Maybe he played the games he liked). I know it just launched but c'mon it could be there are better games on other platforms. Not be a d*ck but i play more on my 3ds + Vita than any home console...



DoublezZ01 said:

Glad to hear about the stability updates as my system has frozen on me twice once with Netflix and second trying to close out of live from PlayStationthe first time I let it sit hoping it would come out of its coma and did not unplug it for a whole hour!!! but thank God he is A okay!!!



Gamer83 said:


I think what Sony is hoping for is that people are stupid and will eventually forget about these features that should've been built into the system from day one. I really want to know what the damn hold up is.

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