It feels like an eternity since the last PlayStation 4 firmware update, but you’ll want to leave your format in standby overnight as the platform holder has confirmed that system software v1.60 is set to launch within the next 24 hours. According to European community manager Chris Owen – and now confirmed by the PlayStation Blog – the patch will implement support for Sony’s own Pulse Headset, as well as general stability improvements and the ability to mute the PlayStation Camera.

Previously, the next-gen console would broadcast your private conversations to entire multiplayer lobbies if you had it plugged in, so the option to prevent that should come as welcome news to those that have the enhanced EyeToy hooked up. It’s compatibility with the excellent Pulse cans that will probably be most appreciated, though, as this has been one of the most demanded features since the system’s launch.

Remember, your console will automatically download the patch if you leave it in standby, meaning that you won’t lose any gaming time when you next switch your system on. For more information on how to enable background downloads, point your peepers at our guide through here. Are you excited for this update? What would you like to see added to the format next? Put a plaster on your platform in the comments section below.