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Opinion: EA Found Its Call of Duty Killer, and Committed a Titanic Mistake

Posted by Sammy Barker

Bracing for a fall

To say that EA is obsessed with Call of Duty would be an understatement. The publisher has been desperately trying to pick off Activision’s multiformat cash cow ever since Infinity Ward – a studio originally made up of Medal of Honor veterans, we hasten to add – changed the entire first-person arena one poorly balanced perk at a time. It’s tossed more money at the problem than a small nation’s military department, even attempting to resurrect the abovementioned brand via the now defunct Los Angeles-based developer Danger Close. However, as rumours perpetuate that Dead Space studio Visceral Games is preparing a police-themed Battlefield spin-off in order to counter ex-employee Glen Schofield’s next-gen focused CoD sequel, it’s hard not to fire a wry smile in the Californian company’s general direction, because it already has the ammunition to bring down Captain Price and crew – it’s just missed the target entirely.

Given the overwhelmingly positive press and public hype surrounding Titanfall, it’s clear that Respawn Entertainment’s inaugural outing is shaping up to be a colossal success on a scale even larger than its titular mechs. It’s not an enormous surprise either, seeing as this is the debut deployment from a developer that single-handedly shaped the state of the shooter as we recognise it today. For those out of the loop, the Sherman Oaks studio is fronted by Vince Zampella, the very same executive that helped to found Infinity Ward and subsequently played a significant role in the construction of Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare. Having been caught dallying with the antagonist, the series creator was dismissed from his role at Activision in 2010, and subsequently signed a contract with EA Partners, bringing a majority of his team along for the ride.

Ignore the almost incestuous game of industry musical chairs, though, and you’ll eventually get to the crux of our point: the pivotal players behind Call of Duty’s rise through the ranks are now batting for the other team. It may be a corporate seminar cliché, but you need the best in order to beat the best, and we daresay that Zampella’s signature etched an enormous smile across the stony features of then chief executive John Riccitiello. However, given recent events, we’d be surprised if that wide grin of old hasn’t been replaced by despondent chagrin across the youthful chops of newly recruited Australian overlord Andrew Wilson, as somehow the North American publisher has managed to squander its chance of squashing Activision’s record breaking brand. Well, for the time being, at least.

“Have you seen Titanfall?” an increasingly flustered Larry ‘Major Nelson’ Hryb told a pretty pink haired presenter while wearing an outrageous headdress at E3 last summer. Microsoft used the first-person shooter as a barrier against its abhorrent DRM policies, pointing to the product’s exclusivity as an example of why consumers should put up, shut up, and pick up an Xbox One. However, contrary to what the company wanted you to believe, the game wasn’t a true exclusive in the sense of the word at the time – a trait that remained true even when you ignored the overlooked Xbox 360 and PC iterations of the release. “[A PS4 version] is definitely not out of the question,” lead artist Joel Emslie told last summer. So-called industry insiders claim that the port was even in the preliminary stages of production.

That all changed last October when a weak EA was clearly wooed by a lorry loaded with Redmond cash. Nonchalantly announced during a dreary investors meeting, the publisher emphasised in a roundabout way that Respawn Entertainment’s shooter would stay exclusive to Microsoft’s system for the “life” of the release. Even the abovementioned Vince Zampella seemed surprised, taking to Twitter to console irate fans about the nature of the reveal. “Always exclusive at launch,” he stressed. “EA made a deal for the rest, we only found out recently.” The suit ended that message with a frown that pointed towards the ground, evidencing his displeasure at the money driven decision. Speculation suggests that the original contract was only scheduled to last for twelve months at most, meaning that the title would end up everywhere by 2015.

While it’s easy to applaud the shrewd business conducted by Xbox executives, though, it’s impossible to ignore the idea that EA may have made a mistake. Chief financial officer Blake Jorgensen insinuated earlier this year that the deal was signed based upon its internal projections of the current console war – and that it assumed that Microsoft’s machine would come out on top. However, statistics show that Sony is pulling ahead at an alarming rate with the PlayStation 4, exceeding sales in the region of 5.3 million with stock shortages still rife. NPD data adds that the Japanese manufacturer is even outperforming its nearest rival in North America, a nation which its competitor targeted specifically at launch. As a result, Titanfall is going to miss out on a massive chunk of the next-gen market.

There’s no doubt that the publisher was probably rewarded handsomely for the compromise, but this all brings us back to our original point: EA is obsessed with beating Call of Duty. We’ll never know whether the exclusivity has accelerated the hype surrounding Respawn Entertainment’s first-person shooter, but given the earnest amount of praise being pointed at the parkour inspired escapade for pure gameplay purposes, we suspect that the anticipation would be even greater if the title was tapping into the bigger next-gen install base to boot. Of course, the release is still going to perform exceptionally well, of that we have no doubt – but without the breadth of the PlayStation brand to catapult it to cosmic levels of success, it seems certain that Call of Duty is going to remain the king of the genre for now. The unfortunate news for the multiplatform publisher is that it’s going to have to endure at least another two years before it gets a second shot at ending its adversary’s killstreak.

Do you agree that EA misjudged the market with Titanfall, or do you think that the title’s exclusivity has actually improved the profile of the game? Are you hopeful that the shooter’s inevitable sequel will fire its way onto the PS4, or do you think that Microsoft will find a way to lock the franchise down? Burn our card in the comments section below.

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User Comments (76)



-CraZed- said:

I have played the beta on PC and was not overly impressed. It is a fun game mind you it just has a few glaring issues and I think those are being overlooked and explained away. I guess I am in the minority when I say loading the maps up with dead brained AI bots makes for a very deflating experience after a few rounds.
I kept harkening the game (which is the full game mind you) to CoD's combat training. Except the bots were even dumber. I would not have bought it on PS4 anyways as I usually reserve my competitive multiplayer FPS games to PC. But I do think EA made a huge mistake. One which they will correct post haste.



Bliquid said:

It seems like Titanfall is above excellent, if you read around.
Even i, as someone who can't get into FPS and competitive multiplayer, would love to give it a go.
First of all, kudos to Zampella and gang, also because it seems that, despite being under the greedy wings of EA, the model they went for is fully premium.
I voted the third option, because of course they would have sold waaay more copies of the game, but what we are looking at is the first real system seller since Animal Crossing New Leaf.
PS4 sells itself just because, atm, but things could definitely change once Titanfall comes out.
I'm good, though,this should put a little more spice in things, as i have the feeling Sony is being a little too self satisfied, lately.
@-CraZed-: from what i read, it has many features locked, it's not a full game.



irken004 said:

I think releasing a PC version will hurt the One's sales more than it would by releasing it on PS4. I too was not as impressed as I thought I would be from the PC beta. It is fun, but something still feels amiss about it to me.



banacheck said:

I don't think this will be a hit like GOW was simply for the fact you don't need a XboxOne to play it, also because of Evolve dare I say looks better.,



InsertNameHere said:

Seeing as it's just Call of Duty with mechs, it makes sense that everyone would be wetting themselves over it. I've yet to see anything that impresses me, even after playing the beta, which was as overwhelmingly underwhelming as I expected it to be.



get2sammyb said:

@Bliquid It's not just about selling more copies of the game, though - it's about the fact that EA has constantly strived for a Call of Duty killer, and then cut its best chance off at the knees. I find the whole affair fascinating, to be honest.



Glacier928 said:

Great article, Sammy! It really nails it on the head that EA is dropping the ball big time with this title. Shame really, as I would've certainly picked this up on my PS4. At the same time, what I saw of TitanFall (while impressive) wasn't "system-seller" material in my personal opinion. I like how Major Nelson is trying to justify buying an Xbox One for this but in reality, is also available for the Xbox 360 and PC...meaning the experience is available outside of the $500 console.



Edwin_Garcia said:

This is an absolutely great read Sammy! Personally I think Titanfall is more hype than anything else, yes fun but a mindless shooter at the end of the day. EA is going to miss out on a huge opportunity because of their greed.



Squiggle55 said:

Very interesting article. I agree completely. Another mistake was insinuating that they projected xbox one was going to win the console war. Despite all of the enormously positive press the PS4 was receiving after E3 and the PR beating xbox was taking. It makes them look pretty stupid.



finmilligan said:

I've been playing the beta on PC and it's an incredibly fun game. I wasn't that bothered by it before hand, but after actually playing it, this could definitely be a 'CoD killer'. Which does beg the question as to why EA would let it be exclusive on Xbox One. It has the potential to sell very well and extra console means more sales.



Carl-G said:

It 'WILL' be on the PS4 next year i bet just like('they will NEVER come to the PS3' said online Xbox Fans) the 'Xbox 360' ONLY?! games of last Gen like 'MassEffect' & 'BioShock' etc etc.



Cyrso said:

We don't know how much money they got, so from EA's business standpoint it's impossible to tell if it was a mistake or not. If they did expect the Xbox One as well as or better than the PS4 and made the deal based on those projections indeed, then they probably made a mistake indeed.

Titanfall 2 will probably be fully multiplatform now that EA has seen the PS4 sales figures.

It seems like a fun game to me, not going to close-mindedly downplay it just because it's not on PS obviously, but I don't think it's a second coming or something. The game doesn't look graphically intensive, so I could probably try it out on my entry-level PC anyway, no need for an Xbox One. I want to give Xbox One a chance, but right now it's just extremely poor value when put side by side next to the PS4 and the xbox one exclusives aren't doing much for me, and I still consider Sony superior in terms in terms of first-parties. And if it would be for the multiplatform consome games, then obviously the choice is PS4 since I wouldn't pay more to get graphically inferior versions.

The game really does have to be extremely special to warrant its hype and from what I've seen from gameplay footage ot doesn't do that, while it still looks like a great game.
But watching is different than playing obviously.

One thing that MS seems to have done well with this game is make people think that it's an xbox one exclusive. Everywhere I go people are touting Titanfall as an xbox one exclusive, including the pathetic fanboy-war ridden comments sections on IGN (avoid them or you'll lose brain cells), but it isn't.



Paranoimia said:

I was interested in this at the first reveal, right up until the mechs appeared - then I lost all interest.

Though I think it will get carried along on a wave of its own hype, from what I've been reading (I haven't played it), it's not that great. Designed initially for the PS3/360 generation, it seems to be a technically lacking game, if you read some of the more critical/less hype-blinded reports. It's quite surprising that MS have invested so heavily in what is essentially a limited, last-generation title for a supposedly next-gen console. Even the PC version apparently isn't up to much.



shingi_70 said:


They were thinking that the xbox would have taken an early lead in the places were Call of Duty is king. That coupled with microsoft's massive exclusivity and marketing pockets its understandable why they went with it.

What no one counted on was how much Mattrick screwed the xbox group before being fired.



shingi_70 said:


You say that if these deals weren't in place already. Titanfall was the last show piece of Microsoft's E3 conference last year, and the it was Gameinfomer's cover before that. The deal was in place way before Either system was announced. Now what's stupid in hindsight is full exclusivity. If EA were smart they would have coasted on microsft's money getting god word of mouth from PC/Xbone players's and six months later drope Titanfall prepare to drop edtion for PS4 players.



Bliquid said:

@get2sammyb : as you pointed out, the deal was probably made before PS4 "won" by the numbers, so it would really seem like poor judgement on EA's side. On the other end, this reminds me of the first Mass Effect in more than a way. I was seriously on the fence when i had to pick between X360 and PS3, and in the end it was MGS4 that made me make what i can now say to be the right choice.
If we weren't talking about EA, i'd still say that integrity and vision were the major drivers in this, but we are talking about EA.
I'm a Sony fanboy atm, but if Phantom Pain was XBone exclusive i'd change sides quicker than my underwear (and this is my second related post about this, today. Admitting the problem is the first step), and i think that Titanfall is a many's killer app due to its nature similar to CoD and Halo.
What i'm saying is that this exclusivity may not work in the short term, but could build a "legend" that will pay boatloads in the future.
And not necessarily when the second comes.



Squiggle55 said:

I'm going off of this: "However, contrary to what the company wanted you to believe, the game wasn’t a true exclusive in the sense of the word at the time – a trait that remained true even when you ignored the overlooked Xbox 360 and PC iterations of the release. “[A PS4 version] is definitely not out of the question,” lead artist Joel Emslie told last summer. So-called industry insiders claim that the port was even in the preliminary stages of production."



Gamer83 said:

The game is going to be a massive hit and I think MS made the smart move by paying to get it exclusive to the Xbox brand. It'd be nice if it were on PS4 but EA did something it never does and accepted a paycheck for an exclusive. I'm sure MS gave EA a nice chunk of change, but it won't make up for what could've been made by releasing on PS4 as well. I think this was a 'thanks for trying to stick by us' move by that despicable company. I fully believe that higherups at EA, the biggest crybabies when it comes to the used games market, were the masterminds behind the DRM policies the X1 originally had and MS didn't back down until it was forced to. Giving MS is a big exclusive is EA's way of showing its appreciation.



BroMan504 said:

Anyone that thought Xbox stood a chance or ever will stand a chance of beating out Playstation in this next gen, is crazy. I've been saying that. I remember seeing a trailor for this that mentioned PS 4, PC and Xbox One. This game would've been an absolute killer on PS 4, if it's as good as they say. Xbox does not have the capabilities to push this game like it should be.



BambooBushido said:

Of Course it was a mistake that's obvious but the bigger mistake here is it being on 360 and PC that's going to hurt X1 sells big time Titanfull 2 will probably come to PS4 anyway so whatever



shingi_70 said:


I know that, but i'm talking between Microsoft and EA. Zampella was ****ed off because EA sold the exclusivity to the title without his consent.



N711 said:

This game umm (ok not saying more as respecting people who like it).. not into FPS really anyway even if Im maybe interested in Destiny. Why would people need an Xbox1to play it if its on xbox360 and PC?



Gamer83 said:


Zampella has zero right to be ****ed though. He's the one who decided to work with EA, you know what you're getting into there.



InsertNameHere said:

It's going to be a hit with the CoD crowd (so 12 year olds and girls), but Microsoft made a huge mistake when they decided they wanted it on the 360. Titanfall was their best bet at closing the gap, but just like with their one year headstart over the PS3, they squandered it.

Even if people buy an XBONE just for Titanfall, I highly doubt that it'd be enough to make a difference. If Microsoft were smart, they'd have cut some deal with Ubisoft for The Division content.

@Bliquid I fail to see how Sony is being self-satisfying, but that's not important right now.

I've seen many people refer to Titanfall as a system seller, but I don't see it. If it were an XBONE exclusive, it might be able to sell a lot of systems, but the fact that it's on PC and the 360 are going to impact One sales.



-CraZed- said:


There is some truth to that as I know there will be more weapons, a few more mech types and from recent rumours some type of map specific, AI controlled, gigantic monsters or aliens or something (which actually sounded pretty interesting) but the AI is there to stay. I suppose they could iterate upon it and improve it over time but killing bots during a multiplayer match is just not my idea of fun.

It'll be interesting to see what else they have in store for the game beyond what the beta had to offer. But at this moment I personally won't be getting the game on any platform.

Just not my cup of tea I guess.



SethPuddle said:

this game looks incredible. but i'm not getting an xbox one just to play it. ps4 has plenty of better games coming out



rastamadeus said:

Played the beta earlier this evening. Wasn't impressed. After half an hour the "wow" factor wore off and we switched it off to play Puyo Tetris instead. Admittedly I'm not the target market for this game but even stuff like COD and Battlefield I've enjoyed in ways. Can see the game being a huge hit though, especially over the pond.

I don't think EA will regret this years Titanfall being Xbox-only as Microsoft will have given them enough money to make it not matter about missed PS4 sales. The slightly tweaked sequel out Christmas 2015 will be on PS4.



GraveLordXD said:

I personally think this game looks mediocre at best it looks like a plain fps with mechs big deal
I think it would do very well on the ps4 but I'm more interested in destiny



Bad-MuthaAdebisi said:

it won't totally flop because practically every xbone owner will buy it but if it does then it might put off quite a number of devs from agreeing any daft exclusive deals. The numbers are probably already putting them off...



Squiggle55 said:

@Gamer83 I think there really might be some truth there about EA's relationship with Microsoft. EA really wanted to move into a restrictive DRM future. They bailed big time on Nintendo after promising an unprecedented relationship and I think that relationship might have soured when Nintendo didn't let EA do all of their online nonsense on Wii U. And quite possibly the decision to go from Titanfall 1 year exclusive to complete exclusive was made after E3 and could have been slightly influenced by Sony sticking it to DRM.



hamispink said:

EA partnering with Microsoft so much is a huge win-win for them. They get the huge amounts of money from Microsoft to remain exclusive, and any exclusives help the X1 stay in relative sales parity with the PS4, which will help EA in the long run. Competition between the two systems helps them sell more copies down the road in 5 years when there are 160 million combined consoles in the market for them to sell to.



Bliquid said:

@BornOfEvil : well, i didn't explain that. It's just this feeling i have. They are making an excellent job in supporting and advertising the console, so i can't say they are being lazy. I know there's a lot down the pipe, but it's still down the pipe. I'm saying this because i felt the same way about the late Nintendo, who kept on bragging about the wonders yet to come and never delivered.
So yes, it's just a hunch i have.
Anyway, i think this year's E3 will be fun.
Maybe even earlier.

@-CraZed-: i didn't and i won't have the chance to try Titanfall, but i think i'd have the same reaction you had.
But this is not about our taste, it's about what a much larger market craves.
If you are here, you probably appreciate that certain kind of gaming possible only on Sony consoles.
Titanfall is for a much larger type of audience, and i think it nailed it excellently.



get2sammyb said:

@hamispink That is a good point, I hadn't thought of that - but I have heard publishers like to do that. It's apparently part of the reason that publishers were so eager to partner with Microsoft for 360 at the start of its life, because they didn't want Sony to run away with things.

Hmmm. Coming out of the previous generation, though, you'd think companies would have been more eager to partner with Sony, right?



hamispink said:

@get2sammyb I'm sure this deal was in the works long before the consoles were actually revealed, so you have a point. Though I think it was apparent as soon as the X1's announcement that it was in trouble.

There was quite a bit of reluctance from both EA and Microsoft to say outright that it was exclusive, maybe it was originally a timed exclusive but they worked out a deal once the pre-order numbers started coming in.



CrazyOtto said:

I think it was a mistake also because it would of also sold amazing in Japan on PS4 because of Japan's love for mechs but they're loyal to Sony.



Madd_Hatter401 said:

Ive been playing the beta on XB1 and it is so much fun! EA really screwed the pooch making this game exclusive. This game would have moved mass amounts on the PS4, and seeing the PS4 is the best selling console I feel confident saying EA SCREWED THE DAMN POOCH ON THIS ONE! EA is a terrible comp. anyway so I find it funny they hitched thier Wagon to the wrong company haha hahaha!



Trydentz said:

@Bliquid I strongly agree with you! I am actually more of an Xbox person than Playstation and I am big into FPS and Competitiveness... I have played the Beta and it's one of the most fluid games ever... In my opinion it is what Brink should have been. PS4 is selling more right now but when Titanfall releases there will be a bunch of people getting an Xbox One or 360. Now to Sammy... Saying that EA is making a mistake is a poor choice of words. I'd never say Naughty Dog or Sucker Punch is making a bad choice by making their games exclusive... Just next time think of your title and such before you post the article



Pink_Floyd said:

@get2sammyb The funny thing I see with this ordeal is that it's available on Xbox One, 360, and PC. So essentially it is not exclusive to only "one" system, therefore I do not need to buy a $500 system just for 1 game. That alone would make less Xbox One sales. Unlike PlayStation where if you want to play the order 1886, infamous second son etc you have to buy a PS4.



gr8apeb8 said:

I remember hype like this for a supposed "HALO killer" during the infancy of the last Gen consoles. That game was Haze, and the only thing it killed was itself. Let's wait and see this game when it's fully released before touting it as the second coming of goldeneye.



banacheck said:


I'd never say Naughty Dog or Sucker Punch is making a bad choice by making their games exclusive...

3rd party's = obviously the more platforms your on the more successful your game "could" become. Where the likes of ND or SP work for Sony as first party dev teams, two totally different things.



kupo said:

I love it when games are exclusive, and I wouldn't trade Naughty Dog, Santa Monica, Guerilla, etc. for Titanfall. I honestly wasn't impressed by the beta. It's a good game, for what it is, but not worth $60, and not particularly deserving of the hype, imho.



irken004 said:

I personally think was a bad move for EA, I imagine that they expected xbox one to outsell the ps4, so they made the game exclusive. But now that ps4 is outselling the xbox, perhaps they can rethink their strategy at least if there's a sequel.



KAPADO said:

They don't care,the game is still coming to 360 and PC . It can be huge only on those platforms it's pretty much COD with jet packs and transformers . The COD heads will eat it up and anyone else that likes fun shooters and doesn't mind the 6vs6 real players online multiplayer.



ComicBookGuy said:

Great article. Been discussing this very point with friends recently.
For MS, if it was an exclusive to XO, it would've sold systems. The 360 and PC releases diminish that greatly.
For EA, had it once again been an XO release, they wouldn't have lost out on much. The fact that it's CROSS-GEN means not only losing out on the current 5.3m PS4 install base, but the massive 80m PS3 install base as well. They have literally lost out on millions upon millions of sales, as this game will sell like hotcakes.
Personally, the game looks technically bland, but the gameplay looks very fast, fluid and just fun. Probably just get it on PC as it will run on most laptops by the looks of things.



GHO5T-08-12-80 said:

EA has to bre one of the greediest an laziest companys iv ever met and have screwed themselves with this one titanfall actually looked like a **** hot game but they have back the wrong horse microsoft and ea are all about money what good is your game if only 5 xbox fanboys r playin it it would have sold millions on ps4 an d the more people who own the game are also gonna buy DLC aswell for it so EA u ****ed up big time



Dodoo said:

As I'm not getting an X1 and I sold my 360, I may get this on PC if it really is must-have but the lack of single player campaign is a big negative for me...

I imagine EA are kicking themselves now giving this MS exclusivity, considering the install base and demand for PS4... lol



Lopezdm said:

Do I think that EA made a mistake? Yes!
Not only is Titanfall a console seller but it could have been a real competitor against a struggling FPS in COD. We haven't seen everything that Titanfall has to show us. Heck, I just found out there are going to be creatures that can rival the titans. Unfortunately, there is nothing EA can do now until the contracts have run it's course. Now do PS4 owners wait for Titanfall 2? Or do we just buy it on PC?



FullbringIchigo said:

to be honest yeah this game could knock off cods crown and I don't think omiting ps4 was the mistake as I think the biggest crowd will be the pc players and fps games have usualy sold better on the xboxs than the playstations anyway

I think it's main problem is no single player so to a lot of people who don't really like competitive multiplayer (like me I love co-op just not a big fan of competitive) it holds no intrest what so ever

and I also think MS made a mistake banking on this being a system seller because it's not, the pc version will be the best both in how it looks and how it plays (and you won't need to pay to play it * cough * xblgold * cough *) and the 360 version will probably be just as good as the xb1 version (yeah the xb1 version will look better but that's all)

yes releasing on ps3 or ps4 would boost sales for EA but at the end of the day I don't think it's any real loss for playstation at all, the ps4 has many other games coming that look far better such as The Order 1886 for example



rastamadeus said:

@GHO5T-08-12-80 "EA are all about money". News flash, so are Sony. And every other video game company.

@Squiggle55 I know it's only an investment rumour which will never be one reality but I'd love to see what would happen to the EA Xbox relationship if Microsoft sold their games division to Nintendo.



Cyrso said:


There's a difference in how they try to earn their money and in how they propose value to the consumers.

And as a consumer I'm simply looking for value, if it's a good product and good value then they earn my money.



Fenriswolf- said:

As a former COD fan(up until MW2)on PC, and a short stint with it(MW2/on PS3 after my gaming PC melted, I must say that I had a certain fondness for Zampella and crew for what happened to them with activison. Also, as a mostly FPS player, I have to say I was very excited for this game since it's announcement. However, all that changed when I checked out both the XO and PC versions that my nephews had recently downloaded.. That being said, The game is not a CoD killer, it's not even a competitor with it, they are completely different flavors of FPS and have completely different dynamics. The game is a cool concept but gets stale very quickly. The AI and limited real players on multiplayer is a huge fun-killer. This game needs a campaign to flesh out the sense of immersion into the concept of the mechs and the world itself because it all feels very hollow...and that campaign needs to be well done, not obligatory. Good luck to MS's hope that this game will sell XOs! If it was Destiny, I could see it, but not this game.



Visiblemode said:

Yeah, it was a hugely shortsighted decision. Not only because of this iteration, but also because FPS movements are very time-and -place.

Is COD that good? No, but this about timing and momentum. It's about the public consciousness.

Titanfall as an entity will be 2 years behind other online fps threats like The Division and especially Destiny.

Even if, and it's a big if, they can attain exclusive success, in the vein of a Gears of War, those numbers are nothing compared to what COD does across all platforms.

This deal will do wayyyy more to help keep XB1 afloat than it will to line EA's pockets. I can't imagine MS paid them that much. GTA 5 took in 1 billion dollars in 2 days last year... A billion dollars did NOT get exchanged in this deal.

All this said, we'll see. It's "cool" to talk about how you never touch the single player content of these fps games, but guess what? I play them...and I'm guessing a lot of other people do too. A ton of online only experiments have failed. This one is not a guaranteed success, not by a longshot.



lacerz said:

EA isn't looking at the install base for the Xbox One or PS4. If you tally the two, you still have less than 10 million units. Hardly worth the effort. The Xbox 360 has an install base of 80 million worldwide. So does the PS3. EA isn't going to discount the price for next gen, so it's the PC and 360 owners EA is hoping to sell to.

I played the beta. It was fun and fast paced, but a lot of that pace was artificially created by the use of bots (grunts, spectres and titans in AI mode). The bots can kill you, but usually are easy pickings. When you run into another player it becomes more challenging, but with only 6 opponents, it isn't a frequent occurence. You have to run around a lot to find someone real to shoot at.

Again, it can be a fun experience, but I wouldn't pay $59.99 for it. It's more of $24.99 type game.



a_ReNegade said:

Just shows you how incompetent those guys at EA are. For one, they thought the PS4 was destined to fail and that the X1 would be the victor. Did they not see the trend in the rise of popularity of the PS3 over the past 3 years?

The PS4 and PS3 have the most active community on BF4. Did they think that would change with Titanfall? Here are the current active players by platform at the time of this post.

PC - 57,989
PS3 - 47,838
PS4 - 46,504
XBOX360 - 29,143
XBOXONE - 19,881

You bet on the wrong horse, EA.

This article mentions that it was a mistake because the PS4 is gaining large numbers fairly quickly despite the inventories being low across retail chains, but it fails to mention that the PS3 has sold over 80 million consoles. I wonder how many potential customers are on that platform alone? I get if they thought the PS4 was going to fail and they kept that out, but why would you not allow the game on the PS3? That is an epic fail, EA.



Fenriswolf- said:

@Visiblemode Totally agree..and I'm tired of the assumption that FPS fans, ie multiplayer fans, don't enjoy single garbage! It's rare that I play multiplayer before I play the campaign, and often times I beat the campaign first before I even try the multiplayer. And my brother and several friends are the same way so we can't be too rare a species!



Ryumoau said: offense but i feel like the people calling Titanfall a 'CoD killer' are the same imbeciles who thought Battlefield could topple it.

Why do people assume that everyone playing CoD is just going to immediately jump to every new shooter that comes along? The reason CoD became so popular was because of its fast paced arcadey feel that other shooters couldn't replicate. Its the reason some people who play CoD will never go to battlefield, which has larger maps and more emphasis on teamwork.

Titanfall also has several new mechanics like the parkour jumping and giant mechs that could turn people off. Even if it was multiplatform, it still wouldn't get the massive amount of casual and hardcore gamers that CoD has gained over the years. Also, this game comes out in march, so it will still have little impact on CoD's game sales in november.



KelticDevil said:

@get2sammyb I agree. This story is very interesting. Two idiotic, insanely rich companies get together and actually manage to cut their own sales by more than half all in the sake of greed.

To be honest, I probably wouldn't have bought this game anyways. Multiplayer only FPS don't interest me much, especially ones with mechs.



Visiblemode said:

@Fenriswolf- yep, I consider the campaign to be a good opportunity to learn game mechanics and part of the purchase price- which it is, imagine how much time and money goes into the campaign?

Some might argue that goes back into the game, but I kinda doubt it. More likely: Cheaper/shorter dev cycle. Yet the game still costs the same.

I suppose the same argument can go toward games like Infamous and the Order 1886 skipping multi, but I consider that to be pretty different, personally.



KAPADO said:

Oh my Lord are they for real ? $60 for this last gen game and it doesn't even have a story mode?
I praised it on my first post but we PS4 owners dodged a bullet.
This is a midget MAG with better controls.



Fenriswolf- said:

@Ryumoau Yea, it's funny how people don't get that most big FPSs aren't in competition with each other the way they think. Battlefield was never intended to compete with COD, it has always offered a completely different experience. In fact BF had its core following long before CoD made its impact on the scene with was still chasing Medal of Honor in those days actually. The reason CoD is so big now is because of accessibility..any casual player can jump in and get some kills and have fun even if they've never played an FPS before. BF requires a lot more teamwork and tactics and has a much more realistic feel..but isn't trying to compete with ARMA, they all offer different things. A futuristic shooter will never replace a modern real-world setting shooter, which will never replace a historic(WW2 for example)shooter etc etc..



Fenriswolf- said:

@Visiblemode Yea exactly, it lets you get a feel before jumping in and gettin hosed haha! As for the single player games, I feel like many are better that way, skyrim being a good example, some games I think are better as a single player experience. Especially action adventure type games!



feelthesarcasm said:

I don't think this game threatens call of duty at all. It'll just be yet another yearly FPS and that's about it.

As someone mentioned before, people that play FPS don't just play any game with a multiplayer and a gun. Why do you think there are online wars between BF, COD and Halo? Because they're not the same audience. They are three very different groups of FPS gamers

Most of the people that I know wouldn't touch a FPS that included any kind of futuristic/alien/machine combat no matter how fantastic the game is. One of the reasons that Ghosts was criticized was because it took out Ground War which had 18 players. Most COD fans wouldn't settle for only 6 players or AI's in multiplayer.

As far as the lack of campaign, that's just silly. At a game priced maybe $39.99 it would work but not for $60. There are some people who don't play multiplayer and those people are entirely shut out now. Even if the campaign is never the focus of these games, most people still play them at some point. How do you get introduced to the interface without a campaign?



DoublezZ01 said:

haha I feel that there's just as many called nerves on ps4 now as there are on X 1 so definitely a bad decisionI bet the game would probably sell justice well if not more on PS4! !!!!

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